The rock and roll of the initial years of a spiritual awakening tend to lead us towards greater maturity if we engage with our work. Unlike most people’s perceptions of maturity, this inner maturity is timeless. You don’t actually need work to achieve it. The spiritual work we do is a revealing of this innate maturity, and in that revealing, a human maturation process emerges. In this way, we go inwards to oneness before growing outwards into the ever-changing and evolving human world. In so doing, we tend to take on certain characteristics of patience and acceptance, and a lot of our more juvenile desires tend to fall away.

Additionally, some traits like resilience and confidence are different than how other people experience them. These traits arise in the absence of doubts and fears, whereas for most people they arise through taught behaviors and overcoming obstacles. As such, resilience from the awakened space is far more powerful because the individual no longer has to compete with fear and doubt that is often still stuck in other people who have developed a more human resilience.

There are plenty of other traits that are revealed within us, and from this deep, innate maturity, we grow into wise, caring human beings. You can listen to the whole talk below. Enjoy!

What Maturing After Awakening is Like

Date of Recording:
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6 PM Pacific Time

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