Integrating a spiritual awakening is a common topic for people in spiritual circles. What people mean by it, however, can vary, so let me explain my definition.

There are two main ways that I intend to define this topic on this next free online talk. Firstly, a spiritual awakening illuminates how disintegrated we already are. What do I mean by this? I mean that our ego selves spend a lot of time cutting us up into this and not that. We can be smart, but not dumb. We can be ugly, which means we aren’t beautiful. This constant self-categorization  becomes so habitual that it is undetectable to many people, and that categorization is a form of disintegrating ourselves. We cut ourselves up and off. This tends to lead to creating a shadow side of ourselves–all the things we think we can’t be. Thus, a spiritual awakening leads us to reconnect with all these pieces and with our shadows so that we allow ourselves to be whole.

Secondly, as we come into health, it becomes clear that we do not live from a space of integration. All most people know how to do are lots of self-degrading things, some of which can appear to be good. Consider regular exercise. If you are working out to help your health, that’s one way of coming to the gym. If you are working out to achieve a certain physique or way of looking, that’s coming from a place of delusion. It means you are rejecting your physical body in certain ways rather than coming to the gym from a place of love and embracing your whole body–what it can do and what it can’t. To the outside world, the actions you take may look the same, but the more sensitive you are to yourself, the more you’ll notice which one is coming from self-love and which comes from self-hate.

This is one of many ways where how we act is often more important than the action itself, and learning to move from a space of love naturally turns our actions into loving ones. That creates integration where your heart, body, mind, and spirit are all at one in how you live your life.

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