I want to start off by saying that I don’t like the terms “levels.” It’s too problematic for most people on their spiritual journeys because most people are immature and think that there’s somewhere to get to. If today I say there are 100 levels of consciousness, then somebody is going to think they have to get to level 100 to be safe, complete, happy, or something else. That’s part of the sickness of the ego self right now; it’s never happy with how things are. Things always need to be different, although I suppose there are some egos that are happy to sink into a swamp of laziness. But that’s a different set of issues.

So if you can let go of the concept that levels matter or that one level is better than another, then we can have an intelligent conversation about how we expand into new levels of consciousness. Perhaps new is problematic too because these levels of consciousness have always been here. But I suppose it’s new to your sense of self as a human being. It’s kind of like recycled clothing only consciousness is never full of holes; it’s just holy. 🙂

Okay, that ought to be enough of a primer. Clearly, as you grow and heal, your abilities of perception about yourself and others expand. You perceive greater levels of connection with life, greater levels of love, and greater levels of clarity. Your consciousness opens up. This is more or less what I mean by a new level of consciousness. It’s almost like if we evolved our eyes to see more of the light spectrum. What was once hidden and unseeable is now as obvious as a tree standing in front of us. This is the beauty of spiritual growth, but it can require an adjustment time for the human self to catch up with what you are now perceiving so that you can understand how to be with that information.

The First Thing to do is Nothing

Oftentimes–especially for those who are just beginning to grow–people want to do something with a new level of consciousness. Now that you can see more, the ego self tends to want to make immediate changes, but hold on there, buckaroo. If yesterday you couldn’t see what you now see, then how much more are you unable to see, feel, or otherwise perceive even after this spiritual shift? It is oh-so common for the ego self to decide that each level of consciousness that arise is somehow the final one and that you finally know all you need to know. In some ways, the more intellectually certain you are, the more you need to do nothing. Sit tight. Let yourself get used to this level of consciousness and then see what arises on its own.

Unfortunately, the more unconscious someone is, the more they confuse what their ego wants to do as something that is arising. They still need to learn to distinguish habit and their ego desires from the deeper intuitive impulses inside. This work is crucial to expanding in one’s consciousness because it’s a form of surrender to the divine will. Thus, when someone has an expansion, surrendering to the present moment is important. Through that surrender, you can get a sense of whether there is anything that requires conscious action, and surprisingly, a lot of the times, nothing is needed at all.

What Is Surrender?

Experiencing New Perceptions

As you otherwise do nothing and as you do NOT attempt to save the world or make other people conscious like you, you can get used to experiencing new perceptions. A lot of times my expansions are accompanied with a new level of sensitivity that makes it feel like someone turned up the radio volume to full-blast. A layer of illusion has fallen away, and I am perceiving more than before. As I relax into this new level of perception, I get used to this “volume.” I am making this point especially for my highly sensitive friends. You need to learn to get used to these volume increases. A lot of people will go through this type of expanding sensitivity, but many of the HSP (highly sensitive people) have learned to hide instead of embrace these sensitivities. The more sensitive you are, the more easily you can be triggered by your issues. The gift in that is that you can more quickly find your issues because of your sensitivities. When we are too de-sensitized, we can’t feel anything. That makes it difficult to find and address issues inside.

Numbing Yourself to Life and Over-stimulation

So learn to breathe in to those moments when you feel like the radio is blaring. Take your time. Notice where you are most tense or deeply upset in your body, and get to work on the issues you find. Don’t blame others for your discomfort. If you do your inner work, then the same situations that felt too overwhelming become easier to be with because you are clearer inside and cannot be triggered in the same way.

Certainly, you won’t always be overwhelmed by new perceptions in a new level of consciousness. But it happens. When it happens for you, all you simply have to do is to allow those perceptions. You will adjust. Then these sensitivities and perceptions will simply be normal.

Deepening in Consciousness

The more you allow these expansions, the more you tend to have them. When things flow in this way, you have truly gotten out of your own way. Yet there is a level of conscious embracing of inner spiritual transformation that is also important. This is where you have to appreciate that there are ways where a deep conscious embrace of your oneness is also not an embrace. No action is required to embrace you, but there is an aspect of conscious choosing at times that is a kind of embrace. Paradoxes abound on the spiritual path. Yet, it sounds like spiritual mumbo-jumbo. All I can say is that if you have truly arrived at this inner space, then you probably already know how you are embracing and not embracing this deepening. You know that you are the river of consciousness moving through you and guiding you as well as the human being that is being floated along and is paddling your particular boat. This is a reality that is important to understand and allow. In so doing, the deepening in consciousness does itself.

Spiritual Transformation and Seeking Spiritual Help for Your Process

This is often a time where few if any spiritual tools are necessary or useful. This is also a time when all of life is a tool at your disposal. The ways where you limited yourself to certain avenues to spiritual truth dissolve because the ego self is being dissolved. The unconscious ego is the one that largely set the rules on how or if you could awaken. And this is a big reason why most people don’t awaken. The rules are too narrow to navigate through. As such, most spiritual seekers can’t get anywhere. And most of humanity doesn’t even know that these profound levels of consciousness are even accessible much less an everyday reality at their disposal.

But in these inner spaces of deepening, the river is flowing unimpeded, and you know this. One level of consciousness immediately gives way to another and another as you grow in your own unique way.

Appreciating Your Unique Spiritual Growth

The more you expand into new levels of consciousness, the more you embrace your human uniqueness. Too often people think that they have to be like someone else or follow a prescribed path, but this is not the case. Inside of you, your spirit already knows the way. It’ll take you to the most appropriate level of consciousness for you in this lifetime. There’s no effort to this, but there may be inner work at times. It’s different and unique to everyone, and the deeper you go the better you have to become at being your own teacher and a student to the Divine. It’ll become more and more rare that any spiritual teacher can point you in useful directions, although some will. This is like swimming out to deeper and deeper waters. Some of you will find that many spiritual teachers can’t swim out that far or go that deep.

What Is a Spiritual Teacher?

Yet, the more you understand yourself, the more you can learn from all of life. The more you open to new levels of consciousness, the more your conscious self can take any aspect of life as a tool to work out an issue blocking your growth. Releasing a major issue may no longer be hard. The more expanded your consciousness, the more impossible it is to stop this inner growth. You’d have to make a huge decision to stop everything and hold on for dear life. I have some guesses at how you could make yourself be unconscious again, but I don’t care to share them. This world is already pretty good at being unconscious. Let’s just say, that it is unlikely that you’d want to stop after a given level of consciousness. Freedom, love, clarity, and inner peace feel too good. All the rest brings suffering, and comfortable suffering in a gilded cage is still a cage. If you are this level of flowing consciousness, it’s highly unlikely that you’d even consider trying to stop any of this natural growth.

Most of all, you don’t need to achieve a state of consciousness; this is a key sign of true spiritual maturity. If you find yourself at rest at a certain level of awareness, that is fine. Others may drop into deeper and deeper states of universal consciousness. That is not everyone’s path, and it’s not everyone’s truest human aspiration. Trust your truth as you drop into more expanded levels of consciousness. It will guide you perfectly in your spiritual journey.

Experiencing Greater Oneness and the Universal Consciousness

Some few of you may truly let it all go. Sometimes people call this total enlightenment. This is another phrase I avoid partially because I am still maturing and dissolving in my spiritual development. Partially, I leave this topic alone because many people would make this a goal. They’d make it into some ideal of perfection. But universal consciousness does not think in terms of ideals. Those human ideas are very poor reflections of this space, which also makes it difficult to write about. Language is a poor tool to encapsulate this vastness. All I can say is that oneness is a space of pure love. This is a space of pure clarity. This is a space that accepts everything exactly as it is. It has no need for you to be anything or at any level of consciousness.

Some of you may have had glimpses of this in your spiritual openings. Others may think you are living from it, but are still trapped in another ego shell. How a human being interacts in this world from universal consciousness is purely up to that person. The rules that most spiritual traditions try to preach do not apply. They are typically the rules that are meant to keep societies functioning amidst a whole lot of inner dysfunction. But someone who has moved into universal consciousness is a fully functional human being in a way that is beyond description. All of life is open to them. All actions are open to them. The human ideas of good and bad are long gone. There is no such thing. There is simply consciousness at play in life, and from that deep sense of connection with all of life, a fully functional human responds in ways that are unique, beautiful, and perhaps even terrifying to others.

Such is the reality that dysfunctional human beings are often frightened by those who are free, and it’s those dysfunctional human beings that would create beliefs that this kind of freedom is dangerous or that a free human is dangerous. It’s hard to say what a truly free human being would or would not do, but I think it is clear that a dysfunctional, ego-enslaved human being is typically a mean, violent, upset, and lost being. That in and of itself should make it clear where any real danger lies.

Allowing, Allowing, Allowing

There are points where we have to push to break out of old habits, and other times, there’s nothing to do but to allow. Depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, you may eventually find yourself allowing, allowing, and allowing. What is there that you really need to do? Probably not as much as you think. So you allow. Allow life to unfold. Allow your inner world to unfold. There’s no where to go; there’s no one to be. If you feel like being a somebody again as you are resting in expanded states of consciousness, then you do it in the same way that you put on clothes. You wear your “somebodyness” for a little while, and then you take those clothes off. There’s nothing to protect or hide; there’s only the joy of living.

The more you allow, the more you rest in a purity of being that few humans will ever touch. It’s not because it is beyond them; it’s because most have no interest in the truth. They are interested in sensory experiences, ideas, and other distractions. From the universal consciousness, that is all fine. Nothing is rejected. The more you are peace in an expanded state of consciousness, the more you accept all of life and all of you. The two are tied together. Nothing is wrong with how life is. It simply is, and you simply are.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. Hello. Friend,. Are u still writing and doing the good work. I'd enjoy talking with you about topic you have excellently touched on above. I am 46 years of age, according to my birth year. I am a man who recently found/ received enlightenment.. I did not set out to seek it,, It was gifted from necessity. I am thankful for all my former pain and disturbance to be shown to me for what it truly was,just as I see that without it I would still see less clearly. Any way, my soul is as such now where I have access to the universal intelligence.. with no formal study I understand and see wisdoms and truths that I've never read or been told. I'm writing ,as I allow these ideals and concepts to pass through my mind,. I put it down in poetry form so people who listen will not feel that I'm in any way trying to change or educate their beliefs.. so far it is being received well. I have had experience es like this in my life before. But this time I recognize d the signs and consciously wrote down my methods and process. Intuitive ly I knew I would need to return to rethink some things that the limitations of my mind may deny me. Any way. Would u feel it appropriate to correspond. I would enjoy that. My email is at the top of the page. I live in Australia.

  2. How does one go about dropping "total enlightenment" as a goal? It's interesting to see that you engaged in the world, for example with this blog, while you were still dissolving; I haven't seen you admit that before. I have this major block that tells me I can't engage in the world or help others until I reach some sort of spiritual perfection and know with certainty that what I'm doing comes from truth.

  3. Your ego's search for certainty is actually a search for safety. Dropping the illusion of safety is part of what you need to do to find the truth.

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