Many of us are taught that control is a good thing. So we try to control our bodies, finances, living situations, other people, and more. Of course, it’s a tricky thing when we start controlling other people, and there are certainly others trying to control us. Pretty soon, there are a lot of hurt feelings and frustrated people in this growing tug-o-war that control creates.

Additionally, as you grow on the spiritual path, you begin to realize how little control you actually possess. If tomorrow you have nerve damage in a specific part of the body, then you can no longer raise your right arm. It doesn’t matter how much your ego thinks you can control your body or that your thoughts can manifest whatever you like, that physical ability is now gone. This is a reality for so many things. We simply do not have control over most of life, and the places where we do influence things, we often use control like a blunt object with which to bludgeon situations and other people. It’s best to just let go of control.

When you let go of control, you allow life to open up in front of you and to get out of the tunnel vision mentality of wanting things to proceed a certain way. It allows you to see more options and do the best you can with whatever situation life gives you. It is not a means to a safe and comfortable life; that kind of life is a fiction. Giving up these illusions about what a safe, happy, and comfortable life even looks like will further help you to let go of control. In general, facing your fears is where the nose hits the grindstone, and then you can start to see all the issues control was attempting to mask.

In having the courage to let go of control, life will change. But it was going to change anyway. You never had control over that, but now, you have an opportunity to more fully experience life. You also have the opportunity to more mindfully guide life. Surprisingly enough, letting go of control brings us towards a greater power and influence in life than we could have otherwise imaged.

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How to Let Go of Control Recording

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