When people awaken, the normal inner stability that they’re used to tends to be thrown out the window. Even if someone felt very internally “messy,” that mess tends to feel tens times worse after awakening. It’s like a team of contractors marches into your home, and then they start pulling up floorboards, tearing out insulation, and dismantling the pipes. It makes for some rather intense and deeply unsettling years. Many people don’t get very far in becoming more conscious after awakening because of the intensity of this inner de-stabilization. Some do all they can to kick out the carpenters, plumbers, tile specialists, hazmat team, and pest exterminators.

Others of you let them stay, and you learn how to help with this deconstruction so that you can naturally heal and grow. Eventually, this inner renovation has to end. That’s how it is with every human experience. All human experiences have a beginning, middle, and end even as we learn to stay in the timeless present moment. Thus, inner stability seems to return to most people, but with some differences.

It’s these differences that I discuss in this online spiritual awakening talk. I talk about how inner work continues on but in a different way, and I also answer a number of people’s questions. Enjoy the recording!

Spiritual Awakening and the Return of Inner Stability Recording


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