When a spiritual awakening arises, people may feel dumped on with intense feelings and sensations. Sometimes, it starts out all blissful, but it’s not long before that changes in a true spiritual awakening. Those of you who have powerful, blissful spiritual openings tend to return to normal, and then the next part of that journey tends to be a craving for experiencing those feelings again. But for those who truly awaken, the river is unleashed. The torrent of internal energy moves through you and re-shapes you whether you are doing anything or not. Awakening seems to leave nothing untouched and no stone unturned.

Thus begins an incredible inner healing and growth process. People can experience lots of different spiritual awakening symptoms during the transitional years. I don’t really like using the term “symptom” because you are not sick. But since that is the common jargon, I’ll use it for now. The types of spiritual awakening symptoms you may experience depend on you. They depend on your issues and your response to stress. There are a whole load of issues that arise simply because we get scared of our fear. We get freaked out by new sensation, and that tends to create a whole lot more troubling sensations and experiences. It’s really our own response to inner and possible outer difficulty–if you’ve got serious stuff going on in your daily life–that can take people down the path to a dark night of the soul. That experience, however, isn’t when most people do the deepest healing. That’s because the individual is usually in too much voluntary resistance. They have to learn to let go to go deeper, and when people have learned that, you can be in far more intensity, but it won’t seem as dark to you.

Some spiritual awakening symptoms that are common include:

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