Once or twice a year, I like to do a free talk about intuition. Lots of people use this term, but we all generally have different meanings. In this talk, I share my definition of intuition as well as how to get better at using it. I also offer some thoughts on how to differentiate ego talk from intuitive knowing.

In general, intuition is our own inner compass that directs us towards things that feel most true. That may or may not lead to ease and comfort in life, but it certainly seems to lead towards really living life.

One thing I want to emphasize right now is that intuition isn’t a good feeling or a bad feeling. It’s not even a feeling. It’s more like a sense of things that comes before the feeling. Consider it to be your own divine messenger, and how you respond to the message is the feeling part that we often mislabel as intuition. The message is neither good nor bad, and our feelings about our intuitions depend heavily on our beliefs. Sometimes, we can have bad reactions to a message that may actually bring something good to us. That’s one reason why doing inner work is crucial to interpreting intuitions correctly, and trusting our intuitions is a critical way to learn how to grow with life and be humble about all the things we don’t know.

I hope you enjoy the talk.

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