The topic of how to make big life changes after a spiritual awakening is a common one. For some people, it’s because they are confronted by changes that they’ve avoided. For others, the shift puts them into a new stage of life and that requires adjustment in the external world. For still others, this inner shift can cause a lot of fear to rise up, and then the person may try to “fix” the external world around them to make things feel “safe” again. Yet others can feel energized by spiritual revelations and want to share it with everyone as a speaker, teacher, or something else.

As you can see, theses are four very different scenarios, but they are pretty common. The first two need to make changes. The third one does not. The third person needs to sit in their fear figure out what the core of it is. And the last person should probably wait. There are many kinds of implications and applications of spiritual revelations, but usually whatever we have just learned is just the beginning. It’s best to complete the full lesson before deciding that you are going to teach everyone else. It’s like trying to teach others to do calculus after only one class of basic derivatives. There’s a lot more to learn here.

Obviously, many situations aren’t so clear cut, but I hope the following recording will help you find your way through the many changes that can arise after awakening. Enjoy!

Making Big Life Changes After Awakening Recording


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