I have a lot of discussions with people about energy, and I am still amazed at how wrong many people often are in their interpretations. It’s not really anyone’s fault. Most people have no training in this stuff, and so we usually engage with these things from the most simplistic side of our feelings–does something feel good or does something feel bad?

Unfortunately, we have a lot of beliefs and pain that filter energy and determine how we view something and how we should feel about it. For example, a person may see a man and then have a bad feeling about that person. Then they won’t interact with them or are defensive around this man. But where does this bad feeling come from? What does it really mean? Sometimes, strong energetic connections pull out pain inside of us, and if we misinterpret the pain as coming from another person, then we miss the chance for an amazing and healing connection.

The reverse is true too. People can have good feelings about others and different situations, but really it’s just the ego and a host of unconscious associations that tell you to feel good based off of a lot of unconscious observations that you don’t realize you’re making. That’s not energetic interpretation; that’s just unconsciousness and mental associations at work. In this instance, those associations that are giving you good feelings will have you connecting with others who potentially are toxic to you, and that can create further confusion. How could you have a good feeling about something and now things are going so poorly?

The ego can certainly make a muddle of things, so here is the recording of a talk about energy to help you untangle things. Enjoy and please feel free to share this link with others.

How to Correctly Interpret Energy Recording

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