With an over-abundance of spiritual information and spiritual practices now available online, never have spiritual seekers had so much access to spiritual support. In one day on the Internet, you can learn how to do kundalini yoga and meditate. Then you can listen to a half a dozen spiritual teachers from any spiritual tradition from anywhere in the world. After that, you could sign up for a number of spiritual retreats in any corner of the globe you like. This really is pretty awesome!

Yet, despite this access, so many misunderstandings about the spiritual path abound. Those misunderstandings cloud people’s understandings and can trap them in their healing and spiritual growth.

The results of being trapped on your spiritual path can include:

  • clinging to and defending beliefs, 
  • having the same issues arise over and over, 
  • feeling like you always have to do more spiritual work,
  • having to keep finding new spiritual teachers or communities to feel connected, and other things.

In this free recording on YouTube, I offered some ideas on 7 common misunderstandings people have to help you identify them so that you don’t get stuck in your spiritual growth.  I hope in this recording I can help you dissolve any misunderstandings you have so that you can flow and grow.

7 Common Misunderstandings That Trap People on the Spiritual Path Recording


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