One very common experience for people who have had a spiritual awakening is disorientation. Awakening dissolves false beliefs and other illusory ideas. In that dissolution, you start to see what is real.

Generally, we don’t realize what our false beliefs are nor how they affect how we see and understand the world.

We’re usually quite surprised when we lose these beliefs!

In losing those beliefs, we lose our habitual way of understanding and interacting with everyday life. Suddenly, we don’t understand what we are doing, how to interact in life, or even how to think!

That can be very disorienting, and for some people, this is very distressing.

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Disoriented Without a Spiritual Awakening

However, anyone who goes through any kind of spiritual shift can have some level of disorientation. So you don’t need a big spiritual awakening to be disoriented at times on your spiritual journey. This disorientation and then a re-orientation are normal parts of a shift in perspective and in moving towards your natural awareness. You simply need to let go of these different issues and beliefs that have skewed your understanding of what is real. As your “eyes” adjust to see what is real, then you can engage with reality from a place of clarity, which is a powerful way to interact with life.

The real problem tends to be when people try to hang onto their beliefs instead of accepting reality. That’s when someone can get in a tailspin and end up in that troubling¬†dark night of the soul. The person can be so committed to wanting to believe whatever it is they have been taught to believe and down they go. It doesn’t matter that the Earth isn’t flat, and the sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth; the person just wants to keep believing that it is flat, and the Earth is the center of the galaxy.

This is the nature of our false beliefs.

As you learn to let them go, you realize the absurdity of believing in something for the sake of believing in something, and you become much clearer about life and how to interact with it.

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Spiritual Awakening and Dealing With Disorientation Recording


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