A lot of people think that you simply open your heart, and then–voila!–you’re done. But my experience is that opening our hearts is just the beginning of the whole experience and evolution of love.

In a spiritual opening or spiritual awakening, some people have profound experiences of love. It may be the most love that they have ever felt, and it is truly unconditional. By unconditional, I mean that there are no conditions to it. There is no reason to feel this love; it is simply there.

Yet, this is the beginning. Just like the seed sprouting, there is a lot of evolution and spiritual growth that arises after that. Furthermore, we often don’t full open our hearts. We often open part way, but since we’d never been that open before, it feels like a total opening. So, we have to learn how to find blindspots and places where we still have our hearts closed to open further. In opening more, greater levels of spiritual growth and unconditional love become accessible.

The result is that there are a lot of levels of love that human beings can experience as they grow and learn to fall in love with all of life.

Enjoy the recording!

Opening Up to Deeper Levels of Love


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