One of the most common things people say to me at the end of a good session is basically this, “I had no idea that pain was there.”

This is usually said with a certain level of shock and surprise as well as gratitude to have had help drawing out this hidden issue. This common experience illustrates how masterful we can all be at hiding our issues from ourselves. It really is truly amazing how much pain and suffering we can bury within ourselves and completely forget. And we do this all the time.

Yet, our issues are never forgotten. Instead, they become invisible puppet masters controlling our everyday lives, and so we have to learn to find these invisible forces and cut the strings of our own making.

Hidden in Plain Sight

A lot of our issues aren’t that hidden at all. We’ve just gotten good at ignoring them and fooling ourselves. But once you get a nose for finding these things, you’ll discover that many of them are hidden in plain sight. You just didn’t want to see them before

In this way, the willingness to see all of ourselves is paramount to healing and growing. There can not even be one atom of yourself that you won’t look at. The minute there is something you think you can’t handle, don’t want to accept, or some other excuse, you create a blind spot. In that dark space, the issue grows, and it controls your life.

Furthermore, leaving any amount of pain or issue within us ends up being a controlling force in our inner and out of lives. It’s like having a broken bone in your body. You automatically start compensating in other ways to address it, and this stresses other parts of you. That can cause further break-downs in areas that seem unrelated to the initial issue. Then we start numbing and over-stimulating ourselves to block out what we feel.

Numbing Yourself to Life and Over-stimulation

That has a cumulative effective of leaving our issues invisible to us even when we are bleeding and falling apart from the inside out.

Acknowledging Your Self Ignorance

If you want a direction to go to remove the web of illusion that makes your issues invisible, start with humility. Acknowledge that there are some things that you do not know about yourself. Then go from there.

Even if you are one of my more advanced readers, stay in the place of openness and humility. The more open you are, the harder it is for your issues to hide. When we shutdown or create new rigid belief structures, we attempt to hide from ourselves. We attempt to hide from pain, and hiding just takes us right back to ignorance.

Too often, the unconscious ego self does not eradicate fully. It doesn’t fully become transmuted to the conscious ego–the personality that knows it is a fiction and only exists because it has utility from time to time. So these dark little corners of ourselves become havens for core issues, which gradually grow back and cast their shadows on different things within us and in our lives. From those old issues, we can once more presume to know things that we do not, and perhaps we start to doubt things we do know. Such is the strange way our unconscious issues can influence our understanding of life.

All the Dark Corners of Your Soul

All-in-all, ignorance is a darkness that creates invisibility.  But when you start to look at ignorance, it is already beginning to dissolve.

Getting Spiritual Help to See What Is Hidden

Part of practicing humility is getting help and perspective from other people. I recommend you talk to other people in your life to help you discover these blindspots. Especially early in your inner work, there will be plenty of things other people can see about you that you have ignored or about which you have tried to deluded yourself.

As you mature, it usually helps to have more focused help from people who are good at uncovering things. Obviously, I am one of those people, and if you feel moved to work with me and haven’t already reached out to me, feel free to do so. Here is some information you may want to read:

Frequently Asked Questions About My Sessions

Ultimately, you can find what has been hidden, and then that leads you to deal with it. At each step of healing and spiritual growth, things can change. Intellectual understanding of an issue helps heal the mind, but then you have to get into the emotional nitty-gritty of it. Then you have to get the body and the energetic field to release it as you go all the way through the issue.

Don’t stop too soon, and be sure to not fool yourself into thinking that you are done just because you had a little emotional purge or intellectual realization. We are good at making a lot of levels of illusions to hide things from ourselves. But the more you can see clearly, the more you will feel the peace of a final release of an issue. When that happens, you don’t have to decide anything. You’ll know you are done with something, and the inner flow will naturally move you on to the next thing to dissolve the next level of darkness and ignorance and turn it into the light of awareness and understanding.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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