A lot of the initial aspects of the spiritual path involve inner work simply because we are deeply attached to our stories and our pain. These attachments create a definitive healing phase for many people to release numerous issues that are being held onto. While some people attempt to bypass this healing phase and jump right into oneness, it is has been my experience that oneness will toss you right back into healing if you do not fully relinquish each and every last attachment you have. Since few people so deeply and profoundly surrender everything, inner work tends to follow profound spiritual openings and awakening. With a spiritual awakening specifically, it has seemed exceedingly rare for anyone to not have some kind of adjustment phase.

But healing and adjustment phases are just that…phases. They end. While the human experience continues to evolve and change, resting in awareness become more and more natural after healing and releasing so many attachments. I won’t say that all attachments are released after healing, but it seems that another quality of flow kicks in where issues seem to be attended to by this natural flow and the deepening into oneness. Conscious understanding of life seems to grow like the heat and intensity of the sun as spring moves into summer. With that expanding intensity and the dedication to drawing your attention back to oneness, deeper invisible issues and layers come to light. And they melt away.

This brings about an interesting experience of having your perspective on life refreshed and reinvigorated on a daily basis. Life truly is brand new each day and each moment. The more the invisible issues breakdown, further clarity is part of the reward, and the human experience of timeless oneness becomes more and more invigorated, fresh, and full.

Oneness Does Not Grow, But You Do

I like to repeatedly emphasize that timeless oneness does not change. It continues to be there whether we look to it or not. It is the H2O molecule within all, and as our icy ego structures breakdown into a fluid, watery state, we start to have more human experiences of the flow that is possible with H2O. But even in our most frozen, solid, dense states, we were never separate oneness.

As you learn about flow and greater freedom, that does not mean anything has changed for oneness. No matter how profound and amazing or peaceful and still the experience of oneness, that experience is not the totality of oneness. It’s just an experience, and oneness is within all experiences. So, you can’t point to one experience and say, “This is it, and only this is it.” Oneness is the amazing space that embraces all pluralities, and the more you follow this example, the more you learn how to embrace all experiences of life.

Dropping deeper into oneness, the human being seems to have a certain quality of spiritual growth that arises naturally. This is something that I’ve been directing a lot more attention to in these blog posts. There are certain qualities to natural spiritual growth that are unique, and as we learn how to take surrendered action–surrendering to see how life is flowing and taking action based on what we observe to be real–we learn to cultivate these aspects of ourselves that already are sprouting and growing.

Spiritual Growth and Discovering New Worlds of Expansion

The Aliveness of Growth Breaks More Barriers

A lot of times I talk about how healing requires us to stop moving and go within, but some of our barriers we project outwards. I am sure that some of you have had experiences of overcoming fears by facing external challenges. If this is effective, then that fear is gone after the external event. If that is not the proper way for you to address an internal issue–and ultimately our fears are all internal–then you have to change your focus away from taking external actions and bring it more fully inside to sit with the fear.

Spiritual growth has some qualities to this projecting outwards. It’s like being a tree with her branches reaching further and further outward and her roots going deeper and deeper. When we’re just a little sprout, we don’t run up against the things that we hit as we expand. This is what I mean by breaking more barriers through growth. But instead of seeking any kind of challenges like overcoming a specific fear we know about, we surrender to the growth to allow our “branches” and “roots” to naturally grow as they know best to do.

For instance, having healed issues in speaking your voice, you may find yourself speaking about important topics to larger and larger groups of people. This growth will invariably bring new challenges and reveal additional barriers you have. Perhaps these barriers surround the technical requirements of organizing larger gatherings or having to deal with the increasingly varied number of responses from people–both positive and negative. So while these types of challenges existed like other trees in the forest, when you were much smaller, you did not run up against them. Some of these issues were probably invisible to you. So spiritual growth has that tree quality of expanding into things, but in this case, any issues you have with those obstacles dissolve as your branches expand out wider and you continue to surrender to oneness.

Unknown and Known Invisible Issues

Some of our deepest issues we know the least. Some of our deepest issues we know the most. Many people are more than a little bit aware of scarcity fears, self-worth issues, abandonment issues, and other things. These issues tend to get peeled away, layer by layer. Other issues around generational pain or communal pain held by societies can be hidden in plainsight. Our families and social structures act them out so normally that we don’t realize how toxic they are.

But then there are some truly unknown issues; they’re just these old restrictions we don’t even really understand. Maybe they are left-overs from other issues that have been healed emotionally and intellectually. Maybe they are some kind of energetic residue stuck in the family energetic code. Maybe they’re just the deep-seated fear of dying and the raw intensity of feeling it in your bones. They can be even less nameable, but no less powerful. Some of the most invisible and unknown energetic restrictions are often the ones that most define us. Think of these things as part of a foundation in a house. That foundation dictates everything that can be built above it, and if you want to truly be free, this foundation has to be broken apart.

Letting the Divine do the Heavy-lifting

For this particular time of moving into greater surrender to oneness, you really do let the Divine do the heavy-lifting. It is interesting at how much melts and breaks down on its own when you are so deep in surrender. Something that is twenty-times as powerful an issue as an issue of the mind–let’s say the mind issue was something like needing to buy a certain brand or product–breaks down so much easier than one of those initial mind issues because of your lack of attachment.

That really is the key to melting these deep, dense, invisible issues–the lack of attachment. Any way that you try to be someone again, to hold on, to manipulate, or to do something that does not align with true flow will bolster the old foundation. At which point that’s like the right hand swinging a sledgehammer at the foundation while the left hand rebuilds it. That’s essentially why a lot of early stage healing is so miserable; the person is trying to hold it together with at least one if not both hands.

Ultimately, being surrendered in oneness is the most nature state. Surrender allows the Divine to melt away all these invisible issues and re-shape you in the most loving and intelligent way possible.

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