A common issue people have is a confusion between presence and experiences of presence. Presence is the space inside us that is always awake. It is also called consciousness, the True Self, awareness, and many other names. That probably leads to some confusion, so I’m offering this talk to help clear up this confusion and help people let go of the struggle to achieve an experience that they think presence is.

To be sure, a lot of people get trapped in their spiritual growth as they attempt to achieve one singular experience that they think is presence. Simply think about this for a moment, and you’ll realize that the desire for one or only a few experiences means you inherently reject the infinite number of other experiences you can have and are having. It leads to tunnel vision and all sorts of ways that you can manipulate yourself, manipulate others, and/or be manipulated by others in this quest to have this particular type of experience again and again.

In this recording, I talk about presence and our experiences with presence in hopes to clarify things and to free some of you who have become stuck on your spiritual paths.


Recording of Presence and Moments of Awakeness

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