Intuition is our direct connection to our divine knowing. It’s the place where our humanness and oneness merge, and it is a fountain of wisdom.

However, most of us aren’t really that clear when we start using intuition. Actually, a lot of intuitions are just unconscious mental associations. By that, I meant that our past impressions of people and situations often subtly inform our feelings about them, and then many people assume that feeling is intuition. If you had a bad experience with tall women when you were a child and forgot about that, you may have a “bad” feeling about tall women and assume this is intuition. These types of mental associations pop up inside all the time, and it’s why we need to do our inner work to help maintain a clear connection to our intuitions.

Even if you are confident in your intuition and have done a lot of inner work, it’s a good idea to revisit your intuition once in awhile to make sure you are using the tool correctly and to clean out any things that may have gotten stuck in the filter.

Avoiding the Trap of Assumptions and Associations

Assumptions are a big problem. I know you know this, but it’s worth repeating. A lot of people who feel very intuitive may never have even looked into what feelings and thoughts they consider to be intuitions, and so there can be a lot of assumptions to weed out. Assumptions harbor ego beliefs and judgments, and then if you mix in unconscious mental associations, you have a recipe for very corrupted and wrong intuitions. Truthfully, this isn’t intuition. It’s just a mush of unconscious and false beliefs that may also trigger emotions and body sensations. But some people think this is their intuition, and that can lead to quite a few issues in responding incorrectly to the opportunities and challenges that life presents.

Ultimately, taking time for an intuition tune-up is about making sure you are separating the wheat from the chaff. As you do your inner work more and more, it gets easier to know what are ego fears, desires, and unconscious associations and what is your divine knowing.

3 Simple Tips for Your Intuition Tune-up

Here are three tips to help you focus on your intuition tune-up:

  1. Focus on the present. The clearest intuitions are often in the present moment. They don’t pull from past memories to tell you how to feel or think about what is going on now.
  2. Go deeper than feelings. Our emotions and body sensations are often ego responses to whether we like the intuition or not–if we are even having an intuitive impulse. See if you can find that quiet space of wisdom within which has no preference and no particular feeling.
  3. Look for quiet consistency. The ego and its beliefs can change a lot, but true intuitions tend to be quietly consistent. They never make you follow them. It’s the ego that threatens, cajoles, and pesters. Look for that calm consistency when you are checking in to get a stronger sense of your intuition.

As you practice these tips, it’ll help you sharpen your sense of intuition so that you don’t focus on the false impulses and reactions from your unconscious ego. As you improve in knowing what to “listen” for, you also learn how to hear and sense more subtle messages that are being communicated from your divine self.

Divine Knowing and Operating on a Need-to-know Basis

Finally, we don’t need intuition for everything, just some important moments. If you have trouble hearing your intuition about what to eat for dinner tonight, don’t lose any sleep. It probably isn’t a big deal. But when it comes to moving on from your relationship or starting a new business, you may find that you definitely have intuitions about those situations. And when you hear your intuition, trust it.

Of course, the great thing about intuition is that it also senses some important moments we may not even realize are important. So that inner knowing nudges us when we need to do or know something that we otherwise would have missed. Most of the rest of the time, you can just leave your intuition alone. You don’t need to check in constantly about everything you do or say. That kind of constant checking in can muck up the inner filter and make it hard to hear what you really need to hear.

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