True love is beyond any emotion or feeling. It is simply the space of presence. When you are dissolved in the observer, you are true love.

Yet, as human beings, we are dynamic and changing. We are constantly shifting and flowing, and thus, there is a quality of evolution that can arise from within us as we allow our focus to be in true love.

This is very different than other people’s ideas of taking action to offer kindness, although that is not excluded. It is also not about anything romantic, but that too is not excluded. True love is much vaster; it’s infinite really. It’s the soil that we learn to recognize that we’re planted in. From that soil, something more intelligent and often unexpected can take over to guide our growth and spiritual evolution.

Recording: Embracing and Evolving From True Love

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  1. Shuuuu…. I am speechless… Thanks so much for bringing so much love Light and wisdom to the fore. I feel like I just got given my life long answer to my biggest long standing question… Why! Why am I here…

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