Most people are raised in a family situation, and as such, that makes family both the home to our many virtues and vices. It’s important to appreciate that family holds both aspects because the spiritual path is about learning to see things as they are, not how we are taught to see them.

It’s also important to remember that we are taught/told how to view virtually everything in our early years, and many of those beliefs are so unconscious that we don’t know that they’re there. So long as they are there, they control us. To dig those issues out generally means taking a look at where they came from, which by and large is family.

In this talk, I’m going to offer the idea of a block as a wall that stops a person from even seeing an issue. For instance, feeling guilty about critiquing family issues can be a block to looking at self-worth issues, family fears, and other issues that a person needs to heal. The block stops the person from engaging with an issue, and families are good at teaching these blocks to family members. Guilt, shame, obligation, and fear all get taught to people so that they never look deeply at their families and their familial issues.

But this inner looking and inner work have to be done, and it should be done regardless of if you think you had a good childhood upbringing or not. There are all kinds of deep-seated issues that get overlooked in Western Society or even celebrated (like constantly trying to prove yourself), and discovering these overlooked issues can be surprising to those of you who had a decent childhood experience. In short, you don’t have to have been abused to have issues from your family.

In freeing yourself from these issues, you can step into new levels of clarity, peace, and harmony.

I hope you enjoy this recording.

Recording: Overcoming Family Blocks and Issues


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