A spiritual awakening is a profound shift. When that inner wheels get turning, it seems like everything is inevitable. It seems like wherever it is taking a person is where they are going to have to go.

But that’s not exactly true.

It does seem that for most people this inner flood takes them over for a little while. At first, a lot of inner and outer changes seem to be more like orders that a person has to follow or suffer a whole lot of inner discomfort. But at some point, a person has to choose the spiritual path to freedom that is being offered to them to develop further. The awakened energy seems to be a kind of Divine lawnmower. Sure, it knocked over a lot of weeds. There’s a lot more space within, but there are still lots of stubs and roots that will gladly regrow if left alone. A person has to want to take that next step to choose to dig out those nasty roots, and not everyone does that.

Even under the amazing circumstance of a spiritual awakening, the unconscious ego can hold on, e.g. the plant stubs and roots. Those leftovers lead to certain kinds of outcomes. Those who do choose to embrace this sacred destruction and rebirth can go towards other outcomes, and those who deny and avoid inner transformation throughout the years after awakening head towards other outcomes.

I felt like discussing some of those outcomes to help you understand the power and importance of choosing your awakening regardless of if spirituality and spiritual freedom were some things that you ever wanted. I hope you enjoy this recording!

5 Outcomes of a Spiritual Awakening Recording


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