There are times when people need to turn up the heat after a spiritual awakening, and I know what many of you who have awakened are thinking, “Hell no!”

It’s extraordinary how much intensity an awakening can bring to our otherwise healthy bodies, and the concept that we need more intensity can seem to go above and beyond the call of duty. Yet our unconscious selves are very resilient. There are a lot of deep rooted beliefs, dense energies, and not to mention unconscious primal instincts that aren’t going without a lot of inner heat. Think of these deepest issues like lead or concrete. How hot does a fire need to be to melt them?

Now think of many other beliefs like dry twigs, and you can think of heavy emotions like wet wood. Each one of those burns at different levels of heat. They usually seemed harder to burn initially because you were fighting the process or didn’t understand it. So a twig would get lit on fire, and then you’d dump water on it. It would ignite again, and then you would dump more water on it. Around and around this would go as you kept dealing with the same repeating issue.

Eventually, those who are sincere on the spiritual path realize how good of a thing this awakening is. They embrace it, and in that embrace, there comes a time to intensify the inner work.

In this talk, I discuss how, why, and when to turn up this inner heat so that you can realize deep levels of spiritual freedom. Enjoy and feel free to share the link with others.

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