Many people are interested in the concept of going with the flow, but flowing with energy is not really well understood. What is commonly considered to be flowing is often a kind of rudderless drifting. In general, people see “flow” as something that gets them what they want, which is usually safety, comfort, and pleasure.

However, the true flow does not necessarily take us towards an easy life nor away from difficulty. The true divine flow moves us where our soul most wants to go. That may be a difficult life for some people, but flowing through that difficulty is natural when someone is surrendered to the Divine flow.

For awhile, those who have spiritual awakenings feel like they have little choice in the awakened flow that guides them. The awakened flow is different than what most people experience as flow, as awakened energy is very direct and intelligent. However, as those floodgates die down, a person needs to have developed enough awareness and openness to be able to identify a “quieter” flow and not be confused by other currents that move through life, and there are many kinds of currents running through life all the time.

On that topic, I hope you benefit from this recording on the flowing. Enjoy!

Living and Transforming in Energetic Flow Recording

Date of Recording:
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

6 PM Pacific Time

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