Every year, I write several dozen blog posts, but also every year, a lot of them get missed and only have a few people that ever see them. The massive amounts of online information that we’re deluged with makes it hard to stand out, and so I wanted to lift a few 2017 posts out of obscurity and into the light.

#1 Expanding the Mind

The mind expands and changes a lot on the spiritual path. Whether you’ve had a couple of spiritual shifts or a profound spiritual awakening, the mind has to change to deal with the discoveries you make.

Along with that, it becomes apparent that there are limits to human logic. It often rejects or does not allow for certain kinds of realities. One type of reality is that sometimes two seemingly opposite things are equally true. The truth that we are all one and yet live in separate human bodies is an example of this. We use a word called “paradox” when this happens. But there is no real conflict in reality when we discover a paradox. What’s wrong is our limited understanding that believes those two realities can’t co-exist. To continue to grow on the spiritual path and to more fully understand spiritual truth, we learn to accept the paradoxes we discover.

Spiritual Truth and Paradoxes: Expanding Your Mind Beyond Simplistic Ideas

#2 Continuing to Expand Spiritually

There are levels of spiritual growth which few people ever experience. Few people even know that these levels of discovery even exist. Love, peace, truth, and clarity are spaces that aren’t experienced just once but are rediscovered and expanded many times over. Truly, there are amazing depths in the human soul if we are diligent and dedicated enough to unearth these seeds and then to let those little plants grow in sunlight.

This blog post is all about some of the transformation that arises for those who have cleared space inside to allow for growth.

Spiritual Growth and Discovering New Worlds of Expansion

#3 Expanding Your Mental Strength

It’s become increasingly apparent to me that people need a certain level of mental strength to go through spiritual transformations. Without it, they quit, freak out, shut down, and otherwise don’t do what is necessary to facilitate transformation. Some people expect it all to be done for them and for it all to be easy. That’s generally not how it is.

Thus, it is vital for a person to have or to develop mental resilience to the ego freak-outs, crazy physical sensations, emotional ups and downs, and other experiences that can come as someone dissolves their ego self and opens to the truth. The more resilient they are, the more fully they tend to open to the truth.

The Importance of Mental Resilience After Awakening


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