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For this talk, I felt like offering some insights on a few very common tricks the ego uses any time it runs up against something that challenges its story. It is very common for people to learn things on the spiritual path that expose false beliefs and issues inside of them. This is great and should be expected! However, the ego sees such realizations as threats to your existence. It will then find ways to avoid accepting and confronting these discoveries in an attempt to “protect” you.

But you’re not under threat. Your ego is the one under threat, and you are not your ego or your beliefs. Understanding the above statements are some of several important ways to not get fooled by your ego. By getting wise to the 7 ego tricks I’ll discuss, you’ll also learn when an important issue is being revealed because the ego generally gets most triggered when a significant issue is being discovered. When this happens, you can learn to accept and face the issue rather than avoid it, and that can help you go further in your spiritual development.

And even after a significant spiritual awakening, the ego will be hard at work to fool you back into unconsciousness.

I hope you enjoy the talk!

Date of Recording:
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

6 PM Pacific Time

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