The power of a student-teacher relationship has many, many aspects, and for some connections, that power extends beyond direct interpersonal connection. It extends into the energetic/spiritual world where we are all one and are never separate from one another. That can create the experience for a student of feeling his/her spiritual teacher energetically being with them during their daily life.

To be sure, not many spiritual teachers do this, and there are plenty of students who project their feelings onto things. Sometimes, those projections create delusions of connection and spirits that aren’t there. This is why being dedicated in one’s inner work is so key, especially with subtle energies. By being clear and letting go of ego blindspots, people can correctly interpret energy and energetic connections.

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If you have happened upon a teacher where this kind of connection is happening, here are some thoughts to help you navigate this amazing and dynamic relationship.

What an Energetic Connection with a Teacher is NOT

Before I go any further in this topic, this type of energetic teaching–because it is a teaching–is NOT:

  • the teacher trying to possess the student
  • the teacher trying to control the student
  • the teacher trying to attack the student or any other such malicious thing

Such assumptions usually come from a student who has not done enough inner work to distinguish their own pain from their spiritual teacher’s energy. Since a spiritual teacher’s energy is often helping to push up and dissolve old pain, most uncomfortable experiences should simply be understood as part of the process of ego dissolution. In time, what happens is that the connection becomes clearer, and the fears go away.

Certainly, there are a few false teachers out there, but they really are rare. The number of people who can energetically insert themselves into someone else’s life are few.  It’s so much more common for the ego to project its problems and pain on to others even when they are not physically there. Overall, the key thing is for someone to continue to deal with their own issues and fears, and that will lend to greater clarity about any energetic presences that may actually be keeping them company.

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What the Teacher’s Presence Actually Offers you

What a true spiritual teacher is actually doing in moments when you feel connected to him or her outside of a direct physical interaction is supporting you. Roughly speaking, some of what the energy does falls under a couple of categories:

  • Stabilization
  • Acceleration
  • Protection

These different energetic interactions change depending on what the student needs. For the student who is in a lot of upheaval such as with awakened energy moving through them, stabilization can be a critical support to help calm and guide the student. Acceleration is important to break down old barriers and open up the student’s energy system. Protection is important when deep work is going on for a student. It’s like having a surgical room where only a few people are allowed in while someone is cut open.

The teacher’s energy can do more than this too, but these are some common aspects of what this energetic connection offers.

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How the Teacher Moves Beyond the Body

The more realized someone becomes, the less attached they are to their bodies. That loss of attachment seems to open up new freedom in energetic movement. With that said, this isn’t necessarily an out-of-body experience. Some teachers may leave their bodies to go intentionally visit a student, but others don’t have to leave their body to put their presence with one or several students. Additionally, the teacher’s spirit has a lot of autonomy in terms of where it chooses to go and be. The spirit doesn’t need the human teacher to direct it. Finally, some teachers are linked energetically to certain lineages and specific energetic communities, and these can become part of the energetic field some students experience.

All of this is meant to support a student in their soul’s path, and this energetic connection helps a student to access things within themselves that they may not be able to consciously engage with on their own. None of it is about hurting or controlling the student.

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The Gift of the Teacher’s Presence

To be sure, this is a great gift. Few spiritual students will ever feel like their teacher is with them or even within them in their daily life. In most instances, this depth of connection is not necessary.

However, there are times when the human teacher and/or the teacher’s soul decides that additional support is necessary beyond whatever direct in-person interaction is happening. As such, the teacher’s energy goes to the person, and this energy is with them in the most divinely intelligent way. This is an interaction that the teacher does not control. There may be some guidance from the human teacher, but sometimes not. Rather in the surrendered state, the teacher understands that certain energetic forces do themselves and should be trusted to do what is right.

Which is really the point of this blog post. If you are fortunate enough to feel your teacher’s energetic presence with you on a daily basis, trust the interaction. You are being supported in a profoundly beautiful, loving, and freeing way.

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