We are all one.

It’s such a simple statement, but it is something people rarely realize within themselves.

We are all one.

Yet, we live in a world of separation and are taught to create countless kinds of energetic, intellectual, emotional, and physical walls. Look around you now. You probably are seeing walls of some kind nearby unless you happen to be out in nature.

But the external walls are not the most interesting boundaries on the spiritual path. It’s all the inner boundaries that are at issue, and even after someone has let go of a lot of boundaries they knew about, they begin to feel and find the deeper more heavily guarded illusions.

Illusions can be ideas like “it’s normal to have emotional needs”, or “there is a way to be safe and feeling good all the time.” Depending on where you are on your journey, you may feel more or less attached to the statements mentioned above. Ultimately, the safety desire is one of the most core illusions human beings strive for, and it constantly creates additional kinds of illusions to maintain this idea that we can be safe all the time. That doesn’t work. So you learn to keep giving up these illusions. You keep giving yourself up to the Divine.

This Post Is for You if…

As many people journey on their spiritual paths, they learn that they have to surrender. They have to give up their wounds, and after awhile, people realize that giving up wounds is a good thing. They generally feel better for it. That’s kind of a gateway drug in to deeper work because there are plenty of hopes, aspirations, dreams, and other kinds of desires that cause ego suffering too. Yet, we’re usually too committed to these seemingly “good” beliefs and traits to accept that they cause suffering or that they are in any way unhealthy. In fact, a lot of society and many healers help people to create and foster different kinds of desires believing it is a healthy form of living and functioning.

And let me be clear, that at certain levels of someone’s development many of these desires are useful.

But I’m not writing to that level today. I’m writing to those of you who seek some reflections on the spaces of surrender afterwards. I’m writing to those of you who have released the energy of many wounds, and now you’re coming face to face with the reality of the discomfort of future-seeking desires like hope and dreams. You’ve come to realize how these beliefs and illusions keep you agitated and discomforted with the present moment–the only moment you can ever exist in. It’s for you that this post is meant to help you as you progress further into ego dissolution.

The Dissolution of the Ego and Loss of Reference Points

Partial States on the Road to Realizing Oneness

Few people drop into spiritual freedom and stay there. Few people really drop into spiritual freedom in its totality. It’s more like someone gets a quick sip from God’s cup one day and whammo! That is some amazing stuff. Those moments tend to be spiritual openings that inspire people to explore the spiritual path, and some people do succeed in dissolving…partially.

Partially letting go seems to be what most people can handle because few people are ready to melt into the totality of oneness. It’s almost like we’re a baby, and if God feeds us too much, we throw up everywhere. That means we backslide. We get overwhelmed. We get too triggered by a whole bunch of unconscious stuff we didn’t realize was there or had no idea how profoundly powerful that stuff still is. So the Divine spoon feeds us little amounts of freedom to help us get used to reality. Then we get fed a little more and a little more and a little more.

Deepening Into Stillness and Inner Peace

The Divine obviously uses spiritual teachers like myself to help with the spoon feeding, but to be sure, my spoon is much, much smaller than God’s! Yet still, some students feel like they’re drinking from the fire hose in terms of the energy I share with others. This is always a good sign of a clear connection and an open student. But my “fire hose” is truly nothing. It’s just a little bit to help people move through partial states of realization and go further. As someone does go further, it seems like energy and presence becomes the more central tools–if not the only useful tools–of the spiritual path.

Most Other Spiritual Tools Become Useless

Once again, I’m writing this post at a certain level today. If you read some of my other spiritual awakening posts, you’ll hear me singing the praises of all kinds of spiritual tools. However, there’s a threshold where most of that stuff becomes irrelevant to presence and energy. Being focused on presence is focusing on your innate oneness. That focus seems to encourage an energetic sloughing off process to continue.

Other tools start to do nothing, become a distraction, or become a form of continued bondage to duality and illusion. Yes, even spiritual tools can be used to reinforce separation instead of bringing us to spiritual freedom.

Whenever we put our energy too much into external things, we re-solidify some of our illusions again. This is how people get stuck in partial levels of spiritual realization. The person drops into presence, and then they get worried about whether their mail got picked up on time. Or a wave of depression comes, and then they’re upset about being depressed. Or some other old triggers arise that cause them to believe in this bit of duality. When people put their attention back into these temporary things, they are re-emphasizing to themselves that those things are real.

So it’s like melting an ice cube and then freezing it again. Melting and then re-freezing. Melting and re-freezing. People get stuck.

Spiritual Sticking Points and Why People Like Being Stuck

Giving up the Stuff that Seems Necessary

When I talk about giving things up, I really am talking about illusions, ideas, and barriers within you. Sometimes people take this to extremes. They think they need to get rid of all external things in their life, and that puts some people in unnecessary distress. Oneness does not negate the importance of food, water, shelter, clothing, and so forth to the healthy functioning of the human body. We certainly don’t need tons of things to survive, but some are necessary. Furthermore, most people aren’t called to live a life a poverty and do not need to give up lots of things.

And even if someone gets rid of all their possessions, they may not have truly given up much or any of their inner illusions.

So when I say, “giving up stuff that seems necessary,” I’m talking about the inner world. I’m talking about surrendering your beliefs about how your emotions should feel, how you should “experience” spiritual freedom, how your body should or should not function, and the deeper, more guarded illusions people protect. That’s the doorway to deeper realization.

Surrender and Going Beyond Faith

Faith is one of those interesting illusions that is useful early on when someone doesn’t really trust themselves or the spiritual path. It helps to encourage the person to continue on. Yet there’s a way that faith becomes a kind of hoping for a better future instead of being here now. Sometimes it’s an attempt to escape a hard present moment. The person hopes the present moment will go away, but if you are sincere, you have to surrender to this hard moment. You can’t let the ego wander away to some fantasy, and too often that’s what faith is. It’s just another way to hope to get all the things the ego is still trying to get.

So there is this point where you have to go beyond faith to allow yourself to be here now. Whatever dreams and hopes you had fall away in the richness of the present moment. No, you don’t lose any mental acuity. You can still plan for the future, but that’s different. Interacting from a space of deep realization when it comes to planning the future is fundamentally different. It cannot be explained or compared. It must be realized, and the doorway to that kind of realization is surrender.

Be Here Now

Let God Take it All

Spiritual teachers and masters talk about dying before you die. Let the ego die. Let God take it, illusions, faith, beliefs, spiritual tools, and everything else. You’ve moved past the the pains you wanted to get rid of. Now it’s time to let go of the rest. They’re not yours. Nothing is yours down on this planet. As far as the human being goes, everything is just a rental. So give them up now. In so doing, you can realize new levels of spiritual freedom on the path to dissolving in oneness.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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  1. Jim – as much as words can help us to surrender (and no re-attach), this writing of yours is very helpful and elucidating. Thank you.

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