The first time someone feels split from the ego can be quite shocking. Since most people aren’t prepared for such an experience, a person can jump to all kinds of conclusions and have all kinds of reactions. If someone doesn’t resist, the person can have a very beautiful experience. If someone does resist, they can freak out and leap to crazy ideas of thinking they’re possessed by a demon or entity!

Nope. No possession. You’re just finding out that you’re not your ego.

Then, many people go back to their typical identification with their egos, and nothing further happens. However, some people let go just enough that they don’t go back to full identification. Instead, they feel caught in-between. They see how their ego thinks and acts, and yet they continue to do the same types of unconscious behaviors. However, the fact that the person can begin to identify unconscious behavior is often another sign of having left the original ego.

Unfortunately, this simple separation is not enough. A dissolving of attachments is necessary to really change behaviors, and at all times, there is the likelihood of someone dropping into another ego personality that thinks it is spiritual–a spiritual ego.

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Feeling Split from your Ego Recording

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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