If you want to hide a major issue, hide it in plain sight.

People are so used to their major issues that these issues are normal. They’re just part of regular every day life, and we accept them as part of life.

It’s like the major issue of consumption of added sugar.

Society is so enmeshed with sugar, that all the problems that it creates like heart disease, obesity, dental cavities, and more are invisible to us. We’ve come to believe they are inevitable in some ways. Western Society is used to thinking, “Well, that’s just genetics.” or “That just how it is.” or “That’s just what happens when you get older.”

More specifically, the sentences go: “Some people just get fat;” or “People get cavities, so you have to get fillings.” There are lots of ways we talk to normalize things that are not normal.

But no. Eating tons of sugar is not normal or natural to the human diet. Obesity (I recognize there are other factors than sugar), cavities, heart disease, and so forth are preventable, and sugar is one of the major causes if not the sole cause.

In more spiritual terms, all kinds of self-worth issues like the need to be attractive or smart or successful are sitting right in front of our collective noses. Cultural prejudices and beliefs of all kind are shouting at us every day. In Western Culture, people constantly hear the lie, “BE PRODUCTIVE!” Until we turn to the spiritual path and do inner work, these major issues and more are all invisible because we’re so used to believing them.

And they’ll stay invisible until you cultivate a true aspiration to KNOW REALITY no matter what you discover.

As you do that, you’ll realize a great many things. Only then can you begin to deal with the many types of pain you’ve caused yourself and others by living out and perpetuating the normalcy of so many major issues.

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