When someone has let go of the attachments and ego issues in an energy center (the mind, heart, gut, pelvis, etc.), things can move. Energy can grow beyond the confines that it was trapped in by our ego attachments. This movement can feel very expansive. It can feel warm. It can feel swirling. If there is no fear in the way, people deeply enjoy the experience.

On the emotional level, it can feel joyful, peaceful, loving, and/or more. These are those moments that many people strive for.

However, it’s not striving that allows them. It’s the surrendering. As some of you surrender your resistance and your old ego pain that restricts these energy centers, you can suddenly find yourself stepping into new states of expansiveness and ease that you’d never known were possible.

After this comes the stabilization and and normalization of this state, which is a topic for another post. Or else they expand until they hit your next level of ego resistance, and then the next purging of pain comes.

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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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  1. Right now I feel very grateful, Jim. Your articles have shown up in my life just when I was needed more practical guidance of what the awakening process can be like, and how to let go fully into it.

    I've been helped so much in staying the course. Thank you!

    In this short article I see a reflection that helps me understand my experience, and navigate.

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