We all like to believe that we know who we are. We like to believe that we know why we do what we do, and most people certainly believe that their beliefs and actions make sense. And until something shakes us up enough, we can go our whole lives lost in our own illusions thinking that we accurately see reality and ourselves.

But usually we don’t.

Before we start our spiritual paths, most of us are lost in a sea of physical sensations, biological triggers, beliefs from our upbringing, and beliefs from the culture or cultures around us. We are totally immersed in this swamp.

This full immersion is why anyone who is really serious about the spiritual path has to make an important choice: to really, really know you.

In many respects, most people don’t want to know themselves. Inner work is hard, and finding lies in one’s belief system and sense of identity is deeply unsettling.

But…but if you move through that unsettling space, this process becomes deeply empowering.

Knowing yourself resolves so many ego conflicts and doubts, and it makes it so much easier to deal with whatever life gives you because you are no longer trying to make reality fit your illusions.

In so many spiritual teachings, it is emphasized that people find a great deal of ease and flow through the spiritual path, and that is precisely because the resistance and struggle of the ego has been let go of.

All of this comes back to sincerely wanting to know who you are. From that deep interest, you can truly go within and move forward towards realizing spiritual freedom.

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