Letting go is at the center of the spiritual path. In letting go of who we think we are, we can begin to see who we are and what reality around us really is.

Over the years, I’ve blogged about this topic a ton, but here are five blog posts to help you better understand letting go.

4 Steps to Letting Go

In the following blog post, I offer 4 steps to letting go to help break down the idea a little more. Sometimes letting go sounds like it is just this one thing; sometimes it is.

Other times, things are more complicated. This blog post hopefully helps you deal with the complicated nature of the ego.

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

Letting Go of the Ego

This is a post that offers the basics of letting go of the ego. If you’re new to the spiritual path and spiritual freedom, check out this blog post for sure.

How to Let Go of Your Ego

Working Through Layers in the Body

While this post is titled with “energy body,” what I talk about in it applies to the heart, mind, and physical body. Getting used to how releasing can feel is important to really going all the way in letting go of the ego.

The Process of Releasing Pain from Your Energy Body

Spiritual Surrender

To me, surrender is yet another word for letting go. In the following blog post, I often thoughts on misunderstandings that people have and which can interfere with someone’s spiritual progress.

5 Misunderstandings About Surrender

Letting Go of Desires You Like

Think the spiritual path is just about letting go of the crappy stuff? Nope. We let go of our attachments to the stuff we like too.

This idea tends to really rile the ego, but ultimately, being attached to anything causes suffering. Furthermore, the more open we are, the easier it is to fully enjoy good things in life and gracefully let them pass without creating suffering by holding on to something that has ended.

Releasing Attachments You Like

If that isn’t enough, here’s a video about letting go. I hope it helps!


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