After almost 9 years of writing, it was high time that I updated the hot mess that was my “Awakening” section.

At the beginning when I first created the section, I didn’t have much to post there, and over time, I would sling a random post into it without really considering the logic and flow of the section. Well, that didn’t create a great page, and I didn’t feel that it was serving all of you as well as it could.

So, I completely re-wrote the “Awakening” section, removing many old blog post links while adding more current posts that are more in sync to how I now discuss spiritual awakening and the process of transformation. I’ve broken the section down into 5 sub-groups focusing on the 5 main types of people who come to my blog. The main types of people that I’ve noticed who are interested in awakening are those who are:

  • Awakened
  • Spiritually shifted in some way (and there are many kinds of spiritual shifts; awakening is only one type)
  • Wanting to awaken
  • Long-time spiritual seekers
  • Spiritually curious

There are certainly other types of people who come to that section. (For those who are interested in spiritual healing, you can check out my “Starting Out” section for blog posts on that topic.) If you feel that my “Awakening” section is missing an important sub-group, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message through my contact form.

If there are important topics that you feel are missing or are under-represented in the updated “Awakening” section, feel free to comment on this blog post about that. The section is an organic changing space, so I’m happy to take your suggestions to further improve it.

I hope this section better serves you as you go on your spiritual journey!

In love and kindness,


Check Out the Updated “Awakening” Section


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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  1. Hi Jim thanks for your posts they are a light for me. Just a question could you be awake but not liberated because that is how i feel…..

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