Lots of people talk to me about wanting to help others, heal others, or teach others. Generally speaking, my response is the same: go within. Only when you know yourself, have healed yourself, and learned to release your ego attachments can you truly help others.

This video talks about what can arise as someone releases their ego and abides more in awareness. Interestingly enough, we can become greater agents for healthy change when we no longer try to do as such. There is a power in our beingness that inspires others.

In this video, I talk about that power and how others may respond differently to us when we allow ourselves to rest in awareness–the space of non-action.

How Non-action Inspires Change Video

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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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  1. Exactly, spot on I also agree I commonly get asked similar questions. I tell them the same when they ask about spiritual awakening. You need to also learn not just to love others but also YOURSELF. Really enjoyed your site I will give your site a mention in my next post as this was inspirational.

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