Staying as awareness is one of the simplest and most profound spiritual tools, but many people seem to be very confused about what this means. In this video, I offer some thoughts to hopefully make it more apparent how simple it is and how this is a spiritual practice that is available to you throughout your waking day.

One quick note, I made a comment about the past being a fantasy in the video, and a slightly better way to say this is that the memory of your past is a fantasy. Our ego is very selective in what it remembers, and it tends to remember some pieces of what happened in the past and forgets other pieces. This doesn’t make for an accurate depiction of what went on.

Plus, the past is over. You are here now. You are always here now.

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Staying As Awareness Video


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  1. Thank you Jim,

    The question that keeps bugging me as I go through your material is:

    I enjoy the experience of attachment, in a lot of ways. I'm struggling to see the net value of getting rid of that completley. Do you have a blog about if there is a way to use attachement as a tool instead of being controlled by it? Or am I totally off base? I feel as though I would love to be able to choose when to be attached and when not to be. I think maybe you call that conscious ego?

  2. I would caution you about this idea of the conscious ego right now. It sounds like your deeper unconscious ego is afraid of being seen. Don't be shallow in your inner work. Keep going within. As you dissolve more attachments, you'll find out the truth.

    Also, there is a difference between making commitments and attachments. We can commit to things and people without being attached to them and their outcome.

    Here's a blog post to help you go further:

    Releasing Attachments You Like

  3. Jim – I've been a reader of your blog for several years and am wondering if you've written on your personnal journey as a spiritual seeker? The milestones of awareness you've noticed and crossed? The path you chose and how you discerned how to proceed at different times?? I guess your spiritual autobiography…

  4. No, I haven't. My autobiography isn't important. What's important is that the work and words I share help people look inside themselves and stay true to their unique processes. Too often people get fixated on spiritual teachers, and they try to compare themselves and see how spiritually successful they are by using the teacher as a yardstick. Furthermore, this is the path to being nobody. I don't care much about announcing "my story." Only the ego cares about that.

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