The video I’ve created and shared below is about helping people understand why the spiritual path should not be put off.

When the spiritual path is simply about making more routines or learning new beliefs, I can see why spirituality wouldn’t seem urgent. Since the path is often presented in this way, it seems like just another time suck.

But the true spiritual path is the path to freedom. That path is about letting go of ego attachments that blind you and cause you suffering. That suffering continues as long as you are blind to it and ignorant to the power of your ego as well as your deeper unconscious. Furthermore, that suffering affects everyone in your life, not just you.

For that and other reasons, becoming dedicated to the spiritual path is urgent for anyone who wants to alleviate the suffering of others and their own suffering as well as to find out what it means to live from a space of spiritual freedom.

And there’s no time to wait around for a spiritual awakening to do any of this for you!

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Why Choosing the Spiritual Path Is Urgent Video

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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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