I’ve written a lot about love through the years, so I collected these posts and videos to offer a kind of journey that some people may go through as they understand some of the many levels of love and learn to embrace true love–the love that unconditionally accepts all.

The following resources don’t go into the inner work part as much, and I encourage you to search this blog for topics about resolving core issues and doing inner work. The very helpful, but probably rather boring topic about mapping out your ego structure is a great one to help you.

On the journey of love, we spend most of our time working through the parts of ourselves that reject love. In dissolving that resistance, what is is revealed, and sometimes, I call what is love or true love because the beingness/oneness/consciousness/awareness has and always will totally accept what is.

Learn About the Journey to Love

Here are just a few of the resources on this blog and on my Jim Tolles YouTube channel:

Facing the Abyss of Self-Hatred

Feeling Unable to Receive Love

How to Reconnect to Your Heart

Opening to Deeper Levels of Love

When There’s Nothing Left But Love

Embracing and Evolving from True Love


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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