People commonly only think about healing in regards to abuse and trauma, but there are much deeper wounds than those. Below are three more important levels of healing.

There is healing wounds from upsetting experiences like a bad divorce, losing a job, and so forth.

There is healing wounds from common issues like needing to be attractive, fearing loneliness, desiring success, feeling worthless, and more.

And there is healing wounds from attachments and illusions like the belief that we are separate from the oneness of life. It’s this last category that I want to draw people’s attention towards.

Too often, healing is not thought in these deepest of categories. However, when we act from the pain of our core illusions, we cause ourselves and others to suffer. So hopefully, this video can impress upon you the importance of healing and why basically everyone has to do it.

Healing Attachments and Illusions Video

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