Spiritual rebirth is the transformation that arises as the ego dissolves and a natural way of being and living emerges. Some of what emerges was already there such as the space of beingness. However, some elements of transformation are unique to the individual.

The beingness is like the canvas for a picture. The initial unconscious ego is the picture smeared over that canvas. As that paint drips off the canvas, a new picture creates itself.

Yet, in rebirthing into this new form, it’s not about holding onto this new “picture.” Rather this conscious ego knows it is made up. It knows it is temporary. It knows it is useful for dissolving deeper levels of unconscious attachments, and it knows that it only exists to help navigate life. When it is unneeded or unhelpful, it dissolves.

Spiritual rebirth is quite a process, and a person can have awakened energy or follow a gradual path towards this arising of a natural way of living. However, both ways require discipline.

Rebirth After the Collapse of the Ego

Much of this blog is dedicated to the collapse of the ego, and I’ll point you to using the search tool and checking out the different sections of this blog to read more about that as well as to a couple blog posts below.

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For this post, I want to talk more about the actual rebirth of something new, which is very different than trying to be someone new.

Before the ego collapses, many spiritual seekers take detours to create spiritual egos. The spiritual ego is just a layer placed upon the old unconscious ego. This ego has lots of rules about how to live, who to like and not like, what to do and not to do, and so forth. The spiritual ego likes to clothe itself in spiritual names, practices, ideologies, purpose and meaning, and more, and it will make the individual suffer more as this new identity continues to run into the many problems reality presents to any illusory story.

However, after this collapse, there is far less concern about living any particular way. Rather, a far greater focus arises on simplicity and practicality.

Beware the Spiritual Ego

Lost in a Savior Complex

Spiritually Reborn and Living a Simple Life

What does a human being really need?

Clean water.

Clean air.

Healthy food.


Quality sleep.

Shelter and clothing to protect us from the elements, and a couple more things like antibiotics if we have a bacterial infection.

It’s really that simple.

But modern Western Society has created a vast illusion that we need more than we do. That’s why earlier on the path, many people object to simplicity. They come up with a whole bunch of excuses why they need so much more, and furthermore, they call that way of thinking and acting practicality.

In spiritual rebirth, we arrive at a mature understanding of practicality. We know what it is and how to apply it in most common situations. I say “most common” and not “all” because there are a lot of situations in life. The vastness of life is appreciated in a mature state, and that’s why spiritual rebirth is not a static position. It’s not a set of behaviors that we think works all the time. Life is too enormous for that. Instead, we understand that spiritual rebirth is a deep surrender to continued change.

In so doing, usually what we need to do or say is simple, and we tend to be rather direct about it. No ego dancing to get to a point. Just the truth.

Surrendering to Intelligent Flow

Awakened energy is kind of like being thrown into the river and taken along for the ride. On the gradual spiritual path, people can wade out into the river a little more slowly. However, eventually, you have to let go and surrender to the pull of this greater intelligence.

The Divine Intelligence becomes the guiding decision-maker for someone after their full spiritual rebirth. This isn’t capricious, desirous, fear-based, or driven by what the old ego self and the animal body want. It doesn’t take a person to an easy life or a difficult one, although very often surrender allows life to be a whole lot easier. Rather, it is a force just like a river, and it is easier to handle the easy moments and the difficult moments in life when we go with that flow rather than paddling against it.

The Rhythm of Resting in Awakened Awareness

Flowing When Your Life Is Hard

Embracing Difficulty

Life gets difficult. There is pain, and while we become much more free of suffering after spiritual rebirth, other people in our lives will continue to suffer. How deeply we can surrender to the suffering of others is often a test of spiritual maturity for many people. Some people can handle their own suffering better than seeing others struggle. This is often true of parents watching their children suffer.

But suffering is part of this world, and human beings chose it. Even if they don’t understand that they are choosing their suffering, that choice must be honored until someone decides that they want freedom from their suffering

Relaxing Into Freedom

Additionally, there are all kind of externally difficult events that can arise, and it bears the need for emphasis that the spiritual path doesn’t remove external world difficulty. Disease is difficult. Certain aspects of aging are difficult. The way people act out their suffering to create difficulty for other people can be difficult.

However, the person who has fully come through the process of spiritual rebirth understands this, and they find natural, practical, and intelligent ways to move through difficult periods.

The Spiritual Rebirth Process Overview

The spiritual rebirth I am talking about today doesn’t mean total spiritual freedom. Rather, it is a maturation point where someone has shed so many internal attachments that a natural growth and expression have arisen. It is possible that someone will live from this expression the rest of their life.

To go use my usual seed/plant metaphors, consider this overview of the spiritual rebirth process:

  • The seed (The unconscious ego shell protects the potential for human spiritual growth).
  • The shell cracks through awakening or gradual spiritual work (The initial ego begins to dissolve, which occasionally feels blissful, peaceful, etc. in moments of openness).
  • A time of moving through the dirt/darkness follows (This time has a lot of healing from ignorance, attachments, and pain).
  • Emerging above ground into the light and adjusting to the light (There is more healing and some spiritual growth).
  • Maturation and flowering (The person starts to stabilize internally while continuing to grow and dissolve deeper levels of core issues and attachments).
  • Bearing fruit (The person lives and acts in new ways in the external world and completes their spiritual rebirth into a new person, but s/he has not yet realized total spiritual freedom).

But there is more. The deeper and subtler levels of attachment to the illusions of separation and individuality haven’t given way, but many people – despite all the work – will be satisfied with this level of surrendered flow and offering.

However, these deep roots of illusions can grow back. They can tangle the fruit bearing apple tree (or whatever tree you’d like this metaphor to be). Things can be distorted, and a bright clear spiritual person can be pulled back down to the ground and the decay of darkness (ego ignorance).

Which is why some of us continue on to cross the chasm.

When Inner Changes Become Outwardly Noticeable (Video)

Living and Transforming in Energy Flow (Video)

The Spiritual Chasm Ahead

Crossing the spiritual chasm is the final leap into total spiritual freedom. Nothing can be held onto. The drives to survive and procreate are surrendered. The illusion of individuality is dropped. No attachment can be carried across this final chasm.

It can seem shocking for some of who have felt like they’ve progressed so far–even to the point where the idea of progress is meaningless – to now stand on the edge of this cliff seeing the vastness in front of them. Some will turn back. Again and again, the power of our deepest attachments to our illusion of separateness cannot be overstated. Few people will ever even arrive at the edge of this cliff, and fewer still will make the leap.

And it shouldn’t be and can’t be made for any ego desire. The hopes for a better life or for spiritual achievement are false. There is nothing for the ego to attain in this leap. It is simply a calling beyond the human ego self that arises and lifts the person into this final phase of transformation beyond transformation.

Naturally Living in the World

This is all I’ll say about the chasm and what comes beyond for now.

Instead, let’s finish this blog post appreciating the natural way of living in the world that a person who has been reborn enjoys. Let’s appreciate that this way of being an individual is profoundly easier than living an ego life. Let’s notice that this arrival has and continues to be a daily surrendering to what Is.

This is enough for now.

The final steps aren’t meaningful if they are talked about as goals. For those arriving at this mature state of spiritual rebirth, it is enough to be and let the rest of the spiritual path attend to itself.

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