As my long-time readers know, I create a lot of content. That includes a lot of blog posts as well as videos over on my Jim Tolles YouTube channel (please feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already).

But with so much stuff online, a lot gets lost. So I’m re-surfacing some spiritual awakening blog posts from 2019 that I think are worth another look.

#1 When Life Gets Tough…

Let’s face it. Life gets tough. Even when we surrender deeply, there are some things in life that are just challenging to face such as disease.

But even in difficulty there is a flow to be found, and this blog post offers more thoughts on flowing through difficulty.

Flowing When Your Life Is Hard

#2 Comprehensive Spiritual Awakening Help

I have been blogging regularly since 2010, and so I have a lot of content on this website. I made the following blog post to give you a comprehensive source for my many posts specifically about spiritual awakening.

It’s a great resource on the topic until I finish my second book, which is coming along fast now as it moves through a second round of reviews I’ve asked of a few of my students.

Spiritual Awakening Help and Tips Guide

#3 Exploring Intuition Again

People use the word, “intuition” a lot without really understanding it. I’ve used the word, “intuition,” a lot without deeply understanding it. This blog post is part of my ongoing investigation into understanding what intuition actually is.

What Is Intuition? Part 2

#4 Spiritual Entitlement and Laziness

There are a lot of people who feel entitled to only what they consider to be “good things” in life. They have no discipline. They do not know how to work, and surrender absolutely involves inner work. For them, if it isn’t easy, it isn’t worth it.

These types of people can waste their spiritual awakening.

Laziness and a Wasted Spiritual Awakening

#5 Spiritual Liberation

This last post is just another way to talk about spiritual freedom. To me, spiritual liberation and freedom are the same thing, but sometimes, using a different word connects with people in a new way.

Spiritual Liberation and the End of Ego Suffering

I hope these posts are helpful. Please share the links if they are.


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