I found this old video and felt like re-sharing it here today.

As a tangent but important addition to the points I make in this video, let’s talk about being alive, and let’s admit one thing:

You are a miracle.

We all are.

I want you to pause and consider how many events had to happen just to bring your biological parents together to create you. If any one of those events hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t exist. And then let’s consider how many events had to happen for their parents and their parents and their parents and their hunter-gather ancestors and their homo erectus ancestors and their primate ancestors and their protozoa ancestors to all come together to create the massive string of events to allow you to exist.

The ridiculous number of things that happened to make it possible to be alive is beyond comprehension.

So when you consider the ego’s desire for purpose, you should aslo consider how much it is ignoring about the incredible reality that you are alive.

The Purpose of Life Video

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