There are many types of spiritual teachers, and there are different levels of spiritual realization. The levels are created by ego attachments. The more realized someone is, the more they see these ego-created different levels. Even though we are all one after all, our ego attachments restrict us to different levels of spiritual realization, and this applies to spiritual teachers like everyone else.

It’s like being in your home, but you believe you can’t leave your bedroom. A person who is more realized knows they can leave the bedroom, but they don’t realize that they’re trapped on the first floor. Ultimately, we’re not trapped in the house at all, and we can go anywhere. But the ego limitations make these boundaries appear to be real. Thus, the more realized the spiritual teacher, the more they live and teach from a space of boundary-lessness. The less realized someone is, the more they create restrictions for themselves and others by virtue of the attachments they hold onto. Those attachments limit the abilities of a spiritual teacher.

With all that said, there are certain ways to relate to a spiritual teacher, and these blog posts are meant to help you better understand and grow in your relationship with your spiritual teacher.

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