Let’s use the metaphor of a grocery store to understand attachments.

In this metaphor, you go to the grocery store, but of all the food there, you only buy strawberries, steaks, and white bread. You’re so attached to these 3 items that you don’t even realize that there are other items of food to buy.

If I ask you what your favorite food is, you’ll only choose from these 3 items.

The attachments to these foods are built off of other beliefs and attachments that tell you how to live, but as we do inner work, those attachments drop away.

Then you go to the grocery store with a few less attachments, and you discover peanuts and almonds. You’re stunned. How long have these been there? Did you do something to magically attract them now that you’re spiritual?


They were there all along. You simply could not allow yourself to see them.

And so it goes that as you dissolve more attachments, you see more of the grocery store–you see more of reality. You discover more opportunities, and you discover how vast this store of life is. Some of the things that you thought you liked you realize you aren’t that interested in. In some case, you discover you never liked them at all!

There are so many aspects of reality sitting right in front of us, but until we dissolve our beliefs about what is possible, who we think we are, and how life should go, we are forever half-starving in an overflowing grocery store.

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