On the path to spiritual freedom, you’ll notice that spiritual freedom teachers talk in a lot of “negatives.” We talk in what things are NOT or what we don’t have.

So I may talk about letting go of attachments to your mother. You no longer have them. They are NOT part of your experience anymore. Because those attachments are gone, you no longer suffer when and if you relate to her.

But that doesn’t make your experience with your mother happy.

Happiness is just one of many experiences, and if it arises naturally, then it arises. 

Then it will pass. 

All experiences come and go. On the path to spiritual freedom, we surrender our attachments to what experiences may come. We do this–or rather undo our attachments–because at some point on our paths, we realize there is next to nothing we can do about all the change going on in and around us. If we try to control it, we suffer. If we don’t, we ride the waves of experiences in whatever ways that they come and go.

And that includes how we experience happiness.

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