It is a strange time that we live in. Thanks to the Internet, we can disseminate all kinds of information across all kinds of borders to people of all walks of life–so long as they can access the Internet. 

This is wonderful!

However, we can also create any and all kinds of beliefs and find countless other people to reinforce any crazy thing that we want to have reinforced. These echo chambers reflect back our beliefs over and over again to help us convince ourselves that our beliefs are real.

But your beliefs are not real.

Our conviction and attachment to things that are not real cause all kinds of suffering, and so we must learn to give up our attachments to our beliefs if we want to find freedom from suffering and truly understand reality.

Here are some posts to help you dive deeper into understanding that every belief and thought in your mind is made-up and why you must sever your attachments to them.

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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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