The overwhelming interest in my intro to spiritual freedom class has led me to create another class: intro to spiritual awakening.

In this class, I’ll answer some common questions such as:

What is a spiritual awakening?

Why do people want one?

What do you do after an awakening?

And obviously, there’s much more than that. 

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Intro to Spiritual Awakening Class Description

Spiritual awakening has been assigned to many experiences, but doing so makes this a very confusing topic. I hope to remove some of the confusion and offer clear steps on how to address your experience.

Who should come to this class?

  • Anyone interested in working with me.
  • Anyone interested in the path to spiritual freedom.
  • Anyone needing help understanding or being with awakening.

In general, these introductionary classes are going to be the primary way that I vet potential one-on-one students, but I want to be clear that going to this class DOES NOT GUARANTEE that I’d take you on as a one-on-one student.

Why should you come to this class?

  • To better understand how awakening and spiritual freedom relate
  • To better understand how to approach/potentially initiate an awakening
  • To better understand what to do after an awakening
  • To better understand how to work with a spiritual freedom teacher
  • To better understand the role of inner work and awakening
  • To better understand what ego dissolution is

Here are some blog posts to help you more with this path to freedom.

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False Hopes for Spiritual Awakening

In a society focused on quick fixes, spiritual awakening experiences have been targeted by some people as a way to resolve all their issues and give them some kind of perfect endless Utopia. Essentially, this is another form of the belief that you can live “happily ever after;” awakening is now just a modern day spiritual version of that idea.

However, a spiritual awakening will not fix everything. It will not change people in your life. However, if you change some of how you behave, others may change a little. But that has a lot of limitations to it.

So in this class, I hope to help people understand that awakening doesn’t resolve things. Instead, it’s more like a persistent light in the room showing you the suffering you cause yourself. It’s also a process of ego dissolution, and that is not something that most people actually want. Most people are hoping for a better ego, and often times–even after a major spiritual experience–people just make a brand new ego.

Beware the Spiritual Ego

Freedom and Awakening

The initial awakening is just that–a start. It’s an invitation towards the dissolving process that reveals that you are already spiritually free and one with all of life. This dissolving process is not always comfortable for the ego. For those who have initial bliss experiences as part of their awakening, the discomfort is a harsh reality. Attachments to the hope of feeling good and blissful need to be surrendered; otherwise that aforementioned spiritual ego will grow very strong in its quest to attain something that is unattainable.

The bigger thing here is to understand that the process of dissolving the ego is not a quest to an end goal. It is removing attachments to seeing the truth. You don’t really get anywhere. You are already here, and this is something that I will likely talk a lot about in this class.

The Path to Nowhere

Specifics of the Gatherings

Here are some of the specifics of how the gathering would work. There will be two of these classes offered to account for time zones.

  • Meet on a Monday at 10:30 AM Pacific Time or 5:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Have a class of around 10 people
  • Meet online via Google Hangouts (this online video chat service is free)
  • Meet for 1 hour and 1/2
  • Most of the class will be a lecture style
  • There will be around 1/2 hr for people’s questions
  • The suggested donation is 50 USD for those who can afford it. For everyone else, it is whatever fits your budget. Please don’t donate until after we spoken together and you’ve gone through the enrollment process. Signing up for my newsletter is NOT the enrollment process. That comes later.

If you have questions about this class, I’m happy to answer them. 

Once again, if you’re interested and aren’t on my free newsletter, you can sign up below. I’ll send out a specific newsletter when I’m ready to enroll people in the class.

In love and kindness,

Jim Tolles


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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