As part of better serving people, I offer several different kinds of online classes to help people understand the path to spiritual freedom. You can read more about the spiritual classes below in the links below.

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Regularly Offered Classes

The following classes are online spirituality classes that I offer frequently.

Intro to Spiritual Freedom Class

What is spiritual freedom? What does it mean to realize spiritual freedom? In this class, I explore those and other topics to help people understand what this path is all about.

Intro to Spiritual Awakening Class

Spiritual awakening has become very popular as a concept, but what is it really? Why would someone want one? What is the point of awakening? What do you do after it? This class explores questions like that and places awakening within the context of the path to spiritual freedom.

How to Do Inner Work Class

Lots of people are learning the value of working on themselves. But what does inner work look like on the path to spiritual freedom? How is it the same or different from healing work or self-improvement? In this class, I help people to understand how to do inner work correctly on the path to spiritual freedom.

Staying as Awareness Class (Really Important!)

Returning our attention to the space of awareness is the simplest of spiritual tools, and it is one that is readily available at any time. But it also one of the most misunderstood and overlooked. In this class, I hope to teach you more about what this tool is and emphasize the importance of it.

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Preparing for Awakening Class

It’s serious business to awaken your energy. It means the end of life as you perceive it. Most people are in no position to process such a shift and spiritual transformation. In this class, I talk about what it takes to prepare mind, body, heart, and spirit for such a powerful change.

Truth Versus Ego Class

I’m regularly asked how to tell the difference between what is ego and what is truth. In this class, I offer tips on how to make this distinction and why it is critical that you sincerely want to know the difference.

Working on Different Ego Levels Class

People often think that the ego is just one thing. It isn’t. When we recognize the ego as a much more complicated system than we initially perceive, then we can use our inner work to effectively unlearn its many different parts and pieces.

5 Uses for Meditation Class

Meditation is an old and very versatile tool. This versatility often confuses people as they may come to expect the same type of peaceful quiet mind experience over and over again. Yet, that’s not typically the case to have just that experience over and over again in meditation. In this class, I hope to help you embrace the versatility of meditation to help you realize the truth.

Going Deeper When Life Is Great Class

When we are no longer in crisis or upset, we have the emotional and mental space to look more deeply inside ourselves. This is when our spiritual inner work can become so much more rewarding.

Why Surrender Is Critical Class

What is spiritual surrender? Is it just doing nothing? Will you get everything you want through surrender? How does one surrender, exactly?

These are some of the questions I’ll discuss in this online class.

Spiritual Awakening and Pain Class

Why do many people experience pain after a spiritual awakening or another significant spiritual shift? Is awakening inherently painful? How do you handle pain properly on the spiritual path?

These are some questions I’ll discuss in this class.

How to Embrace Possibilities Class

As the ego and its ways of evaluating things drops away, people may find themselves at a loss as to what to do with the vast number of possibilities in life. 

How do you choose when nothing is better or worse than anything else? We’ll explore this and other questions in this spirituality course.

The Transformative Power of Breath Class

Breath is our most essential part of living. It drives our entire life, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that it can be one of the most powerful and transformative tools that we can ever use.

Apathy and Losing Desires Class

In a culture that tells people to constantly desire something, it can be truly unnerving to suddenly feel like you need nothing. This and other experiences with loss of desire are some of the topics that I’ll discuss in this spirituality class.

The Ego Grind and Other Ego Crises Class

Letting go of the ego can feel like a grind. In this experience, we have learned to watch our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. But they seem to keep doing themselves even though we no longer actively participate. What do you do? I’ll discuss what in this spiritual class.

Invite-only Classes

I like to work with people over the long-term. This is in large part due to the fact that most people don’t change quickly. Despite some of our bursts and dramatic shifts, the erosion of attachments tends to be a slow process. Thus, I am interested in long-term students so that I can really get to know them and to help them through the many things that may come up.

You can easily join any of my other classes, however. By doing so, you can be part of my invite-only classes which are open to those who have had classes, group work, or one-on-one sessions with me in recent years.

Ask-Jim Class

People are invited to ask me whatever questions they may have.

Infrequently Offered Classes

From time to time, I’ll come up with different topics that feel fun to share about. They may include topics such as:

I also may offer spontaneous teaching classes that have no specific topic. You can read more about that here:

Spontaneous Teaching Classes

If you have a suggestion for a class topic, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

More classes will be updated to this page. They will include talking about being in the fires of spiritual transformation, how to journal, and other topics. I encourage you to save the link to this page if you’re interested.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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