Doing inner work is a central part of the process of dissolving ego attachments. If we don’t know what we’re attached to, we won’t give up those attachments. It’s simple like that.

In saying that, the emphasis of inner work on the path to spiritual freedom is about letting go of things. Conversely, many people who do self improvement/self help/personal development/etc. are often trying to add things to their lives. They want to add an ability to be better at their career, be better at romance, be better at sex and intimacy, be better as a parent, and so forth. This is fine, but a it is not the path to spiritual freedom. A lot of times, these things can actually create more ego and attachments because the person who now thinks they’re good at sex has to be “a good lover” and be all the attachments, ideas, and experiences that go into defining that.

But inner work on this path is a subtraction process. You become less to realize what you really are, and in this class, I want to help orient you to doing inner work correctly so that you realize the truth.

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How to Do Inner Work Class Description

Inner work can be virtually anything in the world–not just meditation and journaling, although those tools are really useful. Inner work can be anything because there are countless types of different people, and there are many roads to helping someone connect with themselves. In this class, I’m going to help people understand this.

Who Should Come to this Class

  • People who want help getting started in inner work
  • People who have gotten stuck in repeating issues
  • People who are interested in realizing spiritual freedom
  • People who want to understand how inner work and freedom relate
  • People who want to work one-on-one with me

In general, this class like my other classes are going to be the primary way that I vet potential one-on-one students, but I want to be clear that going to this class DOES NOT GUARANTEE that I’d take you on as a one-on-one student.

Also, people should not come to this class in the hopes that inner work will fix all their problems. That’s not what this is.

What You Can Learn at this Class

  • How inner work helps you to realize spiritual freedom
  • How to develop the right mindset to do inner work
  • How to identify the fixer ego who is just trying to be “better” from a true interest in freedom
  • How to distinguish inner work on the path to freedom from healing work
  • What tools you might use to help yourself identify and release attachments
  • When you should stop using many or any spiritual tools

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The Power of Correct Inner Work

I know that a lot of people struggle with ideas of right and wrong, correct and incorrect. While ultimately no such distinction exists, there are certain phases of our spiritual development where they definitely do. Continuing to suffer while doing some kind of inner work typically means that the person isn’t doing it right. They continue to have the same reactions, continue to believe the problem lies in others, continue to believe they need to do MORE, or something else. They are going in circles.

Conversely, those who learn to do inner work correctly find themselves less reactive, learn what it means to respect the unconsciousness within themselves and therefore the world, are able to move through more and more powerful attachments with a kind of grace, and so forth.

Truly, understanding how to surrender attachments through inner work is a gateway out of suffering, and hopefully after this class, you’ll be clearer on how to access that gateway.

Surrender, Surrender, and Keep Surrendering

Specifics of the Inner Work Class

Here are the specifics of how the class works. 

  • The class will be on Pacific Time
  • Have a class of around 10 people
  • Meet online via Google Hangouts (this online video chat service is free)
  • Meet for 1 hour and 1/2
  • Most of the class will be a lecture style
  • There will be around 1/2 hr for people’s questions
  • The suggested donation is 50 USD for those who can afford it. For everyone else, it is whatever fits your budget. Please don’t donate until after we spoken together and you’ve gone through the enrollment process. Signing up for my newsletter is NOT the enrollment process. That comes later.

If you have questions about this class, I’m happy to answer them. 

Once again, if you’re interested and aren’t on my free newsletter, you can sign up below. I’ll send out a specific newsletter when I’m ready to enroll people in the class.

In love and kindness,

Jim Tolles


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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