Interestingly enough, preparing for awakening and what to do after an awakening are very similar. And so is the path to realizing spiritual freedom if you’re not interested in awakening your energy.

So if you want to know how to prepare yourself for this path and create a proper foundation, I’d encourage you to join.

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Preparing for Awakening Class Description

Waking up your energy is serious business. It basically means that you are willing to surrender everything you think you know about your life and probably a fair amount of what your life currently is. That’s quite a step to take.

Is that what you really want?

Usually, the answer is, “No.” But every now and then someone is ready to release their attachments to their identity and even their body, and there are proper ways of preparing oneself for that kind of transformation. I’ll talk about some of those ways.

I also intend to explore the question of “what do you want” to help you better understand and possibly re-consider why you are thinking about awakening your energy.

Already Awake and Dissolving

If your energy is already awake and dissolving your attachments, you know what I’m talking about when I say that this path is serious business. Some of you may not have wanted this in the first place, but what is here, is here. It’s time to surrender.

But as I already said in this post, you may have not been prepared at all. So we have to dig the rows and pull out the rocks in the flooded garden even as the rushing water draws up other stuff. It’s a lot of work to do things that should have happened before, but this is where you are. 

Not Interested in Awakening; Interested in Freedom

And if you don’t want to awaken your energy, but are interested in realizing spiritual freedom, you’re still in the right place with this class.

I want to emphasize that awakened energy is only one door way towards dissolving the ego. It’s not the only way. 

Oftentimes, a slow and steady approach to dissolving attachments is more sustainable. The person doesn’t get overwhelmed, and we can take the time to establish your foundation so that you can handle more and more intense experiences of surrendering attachments without shutting down or pulling back.

So there’s a lot of wisdom in the slow and steady attitude.

In general, building the right foundation will help you not just on this path but with life in general because what we’re going to talk about is going to be very, very VERY practical.

Why You Should Come to this Class

You should come to this class because:

You want to be free of the suffering caused by identifying with your ego and your body.

You want to build the proper foundation to help yourself transform wisely.

You want to understand why preparation is important for awakening and spiritual transformation.

You are ready to deal with the basics and take action (not collect more ideas or reinforce your current spiritual beliefs).

You SHOULD NOT attend this class to figure out how to awaken your energy. That’s not what this class is about.

As with my other classes, this is a great class to attend to better understand the path to spiritual freedom and how I work as a teacher. Coming does not guarantee that I will take you on as a student now or in the future. For those with whom I may work, I am asking people to attend this and other classes to better understand me and this work.

Here are some more posts and videos to help you understand the topic of preparation:

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Specifics of the Preparing for Awakening Class

Here are the specifics of how the class works. 

  • Have a class of around 15 people
  • Meet online via Google Hangouts (this online video service is free)
  • Meet for 1 hour and 1/2
  • Most of the class will be a lecture style
  • There will be around 1/2 hr for people’s questions

The suggested donation is 50 USD for those who can afford it. For everyone else, it is whatever fits your budget. Please don’t donate until after we spoken together and you’ve gone through the enrollment process. Signing up for my newsletter is NOT the enrollment process. That comes later.

If you have questions about this class, I’m happy to answer them. 

Once again, if you’re interested and aren’t on my free newsletter, you can sign up below. I’ll send out an announcement when I’m enrolling people in the Preparing for Awakening class.

In love and kindness,

Jim Tolles


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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