Staying as awareness is a simple and essential spiritual tool in the practice of dis-identifying with our ego. It can be used in any moment because awareness is always here now.

However, there is a great deal of confusion about this tool.

As such, I am offering an entire class around this topic to help people better understand what staying awareness is, how we are going beyond experiences, how this practice helps us to surrender the ego, and more.

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Staying as Awareness Class Description

If you’ve spent much time on the spiritual path, you’ve probably heard countless teachers say, “be the observer,” “witness your thoughts,” “remain as presence,” and “stay as awareness.” All these statements are different ways to point you back towards that space that Is in you and that watches your experiences rather than participates in them.

If you feel happy, your awareness observes this.

If you feel sad, your awareness observes this.

If you are peaceful, sick, hurt, elated, ecstatic, nauseas, pregnant, hemorrhaging, or any other human experience, your awareness observes this, untouched by the experiences.

The Power of the Awareness Practice

The power that we tap into is that we begin to realize that we are not our thoughts, feelings, or body sensations. We are something beyond them. 

Initially in life, most people think that they are their thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. In this state of unconsciousness–unconscious means we don’t understand reality–we react in all kinds of ways based off of this identification with our ego and bodies. And we generally get caught up in trying to control others, the world around us, and ourselves to control our experiences. By and large, this creates a lot of suffering.

However, the practice of staying as awareness and coming back to awareness again and again erodes our identification with our human experiences. And rather than making us feel split off, we actually find ourselves feeling more and more whole.

Why You Should Come to this Class

You should come to this class because:

  • You want to be free of the suffering caused by identifying with your ego and body.
  • You are willing to surrender and give up the illusion of control.
  • You are willing to be open–I don’t try to convince people about this tool; I simply offer it as something you can practice.
  • You are willing to practice coming back to awareness during the class.
  • You are ready to give up attachments.

As with my other classes, this is a great class to attend to better understand the path to spiritual freedom and how I work as a teacher. Coming does not guarantee that I will take you on as a student now or in the future, but for those I may work with, I am asking people to attend this and other classes to better understand me and this work.

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Specifics of the Staying as Awareness Class

Here are the specifics of how the class works. 

  • One gathering on a Monday at 9 AM Pacific Time and another on a Monday at 5:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Have a class of around 10 people
  • Meet online via Google Hangouts (this online video service is free)
  • Meet for 1 hour and 1/2
  • Most of the class will be a lecture style
  • There will be around 1/2 hr for people’s questions

The suggested donation is 50 USD for those who can afford it. For everyone else, it is whatever fits your budget. Please don’t donate until after we spoken together and you’ve gone through the enrollment process. Signing up for my newsletter is NOT the enrollment process. That comes later.

If you have questions about this class, I’m happy to answer them. 

Once again, if you’re interested and aren’t on my free newsletter, you can sign up below. I’ll send out an announcement when I’m enrolling people in the Staying as Awareness class.

In love and kindness,

Jim Tolles


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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