Winter is coming, and soon I’ll go into my annual end of December hibernation.

But before that happens, I wanted to pause and thank so many of you for supporting this work. At the time of writing, I’ve had more than 230 people financially support my work through session donations, group donations, class donations, monthly donations, and just-because-you-felt-like-helping donations.

Thank you!

I am able to do this work because of this vast network of support.

Also, I want to thank all of you for sharing links to posts that you find helpful. Every day, the Internet is more cluttered and tools like Google are becoming more dominated by ads. It’s tough to get seen.

 Thanks for helping my posts and my YouTube videos to stay visible.

Now, as the end of December nears. I’ll take time off to re-charge, rejuvenate, and re-calibrate. But as any of you who works for themselves knows, I don’t get paid for this time off. Each year, I reach out to all of you to help cover the costs of me not working, and each year, you’ve exceeded the financial goal. If you’ve been one of those people, thank you again!

The target is to raise 2500 USD to replace what I would have earned if I would have been working. You can donate any amount that you want. 

Feel free to leave a note about something you’ve learned from my work in the note section of the donation area.

Thanks in advance to all of you who donate. For those who cannot give financially, sharing links, once again, means a lot!

Donate to Support Jim’s Winter Rest

More Gratitude for All of You

Once again, thank you!

I only get to be a full-time spiritual teacher because so many of you value this work.

Your support helps me to do a lot of things in the background as well as supporting all my free offerings. Donations support things like:

  • My blog posts and spiritual allegories
  • My Wisdom Wednesday and The Wake Up Call newsletters
  • Accounting stuff I do for myself
  • Research on web designers (I’m hoping to do a revamp of the site in the New Year)
  • Updating old blog posts to keep them current with my voice
  • Keeping up on privacy laws
  • Replying to emails
  • Keeping updated on social media sites
  • Working on the second book (yes, this thing is still lingering in the back of mind and on my computer hard drive.)
  • Maintaining my self-care so that I can be clear for all of you
  • and so much more!

On the topic of self-care, being so well-supported by so many of you lets me work a 4-day week (Sunday through Wednesday), which I have done for years now. In this profession, the three days are crucial to being clear and properly supporting others. If you are not taking care of yourself, you will not be helpful to others. The practice of surrender has allowed me to see that, and so I honor and respect the needs of my mind, heart, and body throughout the year–not just on my longer breaks.

So, at the end of December, I’ll be honoring my need for extended rest as well as appreciating how my body responds to receiving way less sunlight here in the Northern Hemisphere. 

I’m a little bit of a sunflower–I need a lot of sun. 🙂

If you feel like helping support my time off (usually a week and a half but maybe two weeks), please consider making a contribution on the link below.

Support Jim’s Winter Break Here


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