Ruby’s spiritual journey continues. If you want to catch up on her previous stories to find out how she got here, you can find them on this link.

Spiritual Allegories and Stories

Ruby felt rejuvenated. Her time at the Pool of Clarity had renewed her, and her wounds from her time in the desert had fully healed. Her spiritual teacher, the kuldne kull, pointed her to a road, which after some time would take her to a summer hiking trail. That trail would take her to the top of Mt. Liebe–an experience she’d always desired to have.

The road was clear. Ruby progressed steadily each day. Food and water were easy to find. Ruby collected extra for the times when things might be scarce, but as she went, she continued to find plenty of what she needed in abundance.

One afternoon, she saw a cottage alongside the road. A tendril of smoke drifted into the clear blue sky. Ruby wondered who might live along this road, so she knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a woman’s voice called out.

Ruby carefully opened the door. A warm, humid, earthy smell hugged Ruby in a pungent embrace. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw a home filled with plants. Hanging plants, vines, cacti, broad leafed plants, tall plants, small plants, and everything in between.

A large hearth had a pot boiling something over a fire. A small, older woman stirred the contents of the pot. “Well, don’t dally at the doorstep, my dear. Come in.”

Ruby complied.

“Wow. There is so much…life here.”

The woman looked over her shoulder and smiled. “I’m glad you appreciate that.”

A fountain of white hair streamed from the top of her head. Splashing down to her mid-back, her hair contrasted with the black gown trimmed in white. She finished what she was doing and turned to greet Ruby. “Welcome. So nice to have a visitor.”

“It’s nice to see another person. It’s been some time.”

“Yes, not too many in the desert.”


“You have the look,” the woman interrupted. Her face expanded with dozens of lines radiating out in smile crinkles from her mouth and eyes. “And look at you! You made it out in one piece!” She laughed.

“Who are you?” Ruby asked.

“A great question! You may call me Greta.” Greta indicated Ruby should take a seat, which Ruby gratefully did. She could not remember when she’d last sat in a chair. “And who are you?”

Greta looked deeply into Ruby’s eyes. Her dark eyes were almost black, and they felt like they pierced Ruby to her core.

“Renais,” Ruby said, repeating the word her teacher had said back at the Pool of Clarity.

Greta leaned back. Nodded. “A good answer. And what may I call you?”


“Well, Ruby, again, I must congratulate you. Not many come this far. I can see it has not been an easy road for you, but you have a teacher now.”

“How do you….”

“His glow is upon you. More importantly, you seem to have accepted him.”

“Do you know the kuldne kull?”

“Oh yes! Known him for many years.”

“He’s shown me the road to Mt. Liebe–a place I’ve always wanted to see. I don’t know why he’s pointed me here. There was so much unfinished stuff in the desert.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. There are many paths to where you are going. This road can take you to many places, not just Mt. Liebe…if you stay on it.” Greta looked meaningfully at Ruby. Then she sniffed the air. “Lunch is ready. Please. Join me.”

Ruby momentarily worried about what might be in the pot after her experience with the woman boiling rocks. But her fears were unfounded. Greta handed her a bowl full of herbs and delicious root vegetables. The warmth of food filled her and matched the warmth of Greta’s home.

After lunch, Greta gave Ruby a big hug, as much as was possible for such a small woman, and again encouraged Ruby to stay on the road. Then they said their “good-byes,” and Ruby returned to traveling towards Mt. Liebe.

The miles melted away as did the days after Ruby’s meeting with Greta. Ruby felt some extra power had stirred in response to their meeting, but a few more weeks passed and that faded. She found herself strangely desiring company.

After meeting Greta, Ruby hoped to find others like her now that she was on the right path.

Her earlier exploits had been disappointing. Her meeting with the cowardly marmot, the man who thought he could fly, the guy walking in circles in the desert, and others had disheartened her. But if people like Greta existed, then there must be others, right?

Seemingly in answer to her thoughts, Ruby heard a commotion off to her right. She continued along the road until she could see a large celebration.

She paused. 

Wondered if she should investigate it. 

She looked up the road. It looked like the road behind her. It was a gradual, mostly straight path with trees and bushes alongside it. Sun clearly illuminated it, but it was otherwise mostly featureless. Not particularly exciting. Almost monotonous.

Certainly it couldn’t hurt to leave the path for a moment to see the celebration? Ruby thought.

Greta’s encouragement rang in her ears about not leaving the road.

But Ruby decided to check out the celebration anyway What would be the harm?

Interpretation of “The Road to Mt. Liebe”

This is a fairly straightforward story.

Student gets pointed to the path.

Student gets encouraged to stay on the path.

Student finds an excuse to leave the path.

Does that describe you?

The Spiritual Backslide

The spiritual path is often very simple and “boring” to the ego at times. The desire for excitement can draw people away from it, although that’s not really the core issue that drives Ruby.

Do you know what her core issues are?

Shattering Core Issues with Spiritual Awareness

This story also may have brought up some questions like:

Why is a spiritual teacher indulging a student’s desire/Ruby’s interest in seeing Mt. Liebe?

Who is Greta? Why does she know so much about Ruby?

More to come in this series about Ruby and her path to realizing spiritual freedom.

How to Find Spiritual Freedom


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